While dogs and other pets are not allowed in Fiordland National Park, there are still some areas to exercise your dog in and near the Fiordland area, including selected tracks and around townships.

Places you can walk your dog

Te Anau

Dogs may be on a lead around town (except the town centre) and in dog exercise areas around Te Anau including:

  • Reserve along lakefront from boat harbour area (Visitor Centre to Upukerora River Track)
  • Fergus Square Reserve
  • Water Park behind the Underground Trout Observatory
  • Ivon Wilson Park

Te Anau dog map - Southland District Council website


Dogs on a lead can be exercised around most of the township area, and in the Fraser’s Beach road and reserve, but not on Frasers beach itself (as it's within the National Park).

Manapouri dog map - Southland District Council website

Other areas

Search the Southland District Council website for more dog maps.

Further afield

You can also walk your dog at Mavora Lakes Park, just a few hours from Te Anau.

Where dogs are permitted remember:

  • always keep your dog on a leash
  • clean up after your dog as you would in any public place
  • make sure your dog is under control at all times
  • do not let your dog interfere with other visitor’s enjoyment or cause harm in any way.

Places dogs are not allowed

Dogs and other pets are not allowed in Fiordland National Park without a permit. This is mainly to protect native wildlife such as kiwi, and other values in the Park. There are strict penalties for having a dog illegally in the National Park and your dog may be taken from you.

Dogs can be taken on legal roads (e.g. Milford Road) through the Park, but they are generally restricted from park land including camping and picnic areas - stopping off in a safe place and legally toileting your dog along the road is not possible. Dogs are not allowed at Milford Sound.

Certified disability assist dogs are an exception – they are allowed in the park without a permit.

In the townships near Fiordland there are also some prohibited areas where dogs are not allowed:

Te Anau town centre area

  • Town Centre from Lakefront Drive to Luxmore Drive
  • Milford Crescent, The Lane, Miro St


  • Village Green playground
  • Town Hall Reserve, Pool Area and Tennis Courts
  • Te Aika Reserve
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