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Conservation Week is run by DOC each year to encourage people to get involved in nature and help to take care of it.


Each year DOC works with community groups across Aotearoa to spread the conservation message. It’s a nationwide celebration of kiwis pitching in to help our native plants and animals. We invite you to join us by:

  • Going to a local Conservation Week event
  • Doing an activity off your own bat
  • Donating to an existing conservation programme

Thanks and hope to see you out there!


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  • The Conservation Effect: Why backyard biodiversity matters
    16 September 2018
    Conservation Week runs from 15 – 23 September. This week, help New Zealand’s biodiversity by completing a conservation activity at home. These actions don’t just make your garden look good they also help protect our native species from predators, provide sources of food for native birds and reduce harm to wildlife and plants beyond your own backyard.

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