Follow these simple guidelines to enjoy climbing with minimal impact on the environment and other people.

When climbing, adhere to the New Zealand Alpine Club’s codes and standards and follow these simple guidelines to minimise your impact.

  • Respect any temporary restrictions on access to climbing sites. These are identified by signage at site and/or alerts on this website.
  • Use established access points and tracks only. Additional tracking is not permitted.
  • Limit your activities at a crag to the cliff, its top and its base to minimise damage to surrounding areas.
  • Do not damage trees or other vegetation, including by using them as belay points.
  • Do not add to fixed bolting equipment on the cliff.
  • Do not brush moss or lichen from the cliff unless absolutely necessary for safety reasons.
  • Brush off chalk tick marks.
  • Always be aware of hazards to others, especially at busy crags and/or crags with loose rock.
  • Be considerate of other groups, individual climbers and other recreational users of the area.
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