With its stunning scenery, Fiordland is a fantastic place to take your boat for scenic touring, fishing or fun. Find out where to boat, launch and about boating rules, care code and safety.

Places to boat in Fiordland

There are numerous lakes, rivers and coastal locations to enjoy boating in Fiordland. Some of the most popular with boat launching facilities are:

For a poster showing all local anchorage locations, see the Fiordland National Park Visitor Centre.

Boating rules and bylaws

Keep safe on the water and take notice of all access lane and speed boat rules, especially in high recreation use areas like Lake Manapouri and Lake Te Anau. Conditions can change very rapidly with the onset of bad weather.

See Boating rules and safety information – Environment Southland website

Marine reserves

There are 10 marine reserves bordering Fiordland National Park. Marine reserves are special places that protect all marine life (strictly no fishing allowed!) so that you can experience a truly unspoilt and untouched part of our marine environment, just as nature intended it. Visitors must not remove any natural resource, for example any living or dead marine life, shells, rocks, wood or seaweed.

See Fiordland's marine reserves

Didymo controls for boat users

Clean, check, dry between waterways to help prevent the spread of didymo and other freshwater pests.

There are special conditions in place to protect Fiordland National Park from further spread of the freshwater weed didymo. Boating in controlled areas is restricted – some areas are closed and others require a permit from DOC.

Ask at the Fiordland National Park Visitor Centre for information and see:

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