Ranger Sharyn with albatross chick

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The Royal Cam chick needs a name. Name submissions have now closed but come back 19 August to vote on your favourite name.

This year's competition will be different from what has been done in past seasons. This is partly due to the impacts of COVID-19 but also because of our new audience that has joined us this season through our partnership with Cornell Lab of Ornithology.

This means the competition is open to everyone, not just New Zealanders. Name submissions have now closed but your chance to vote for the winning name opens 19 August 2020.

Competition theme

This year's competition theme is Celebrating Connection.

Royal Cam has brought connection to people all around the world, uniting and connecting us together and with nature and conservation.

Many of our audience has and still is impacted by COVID-19, isolated from others and from nature. Celebrating Connection is a theme centred around unity and connecting with each other and nature through tough times.

The albatross are global wanderers and their journeys connect the world. Let's celebrate this connection with your name suggestions this year.

Prize packages

We have several prize categories for your chance to win. Thanks to the Royal Albatross Centre for supporting the competition with a selection of prizes: 

  • First prize: A one-on-one virtual tour with a DOC ranger showing you around the headland, the nest and the Royal Albatross Centre which is a chance for you to ask all your albatross questions too. You also receive a professionally printed and framed A3 image of this year's chick.
  • Second prize: A glass and bamboo albatross water bottle and the book 'Albatross: Their World, Their Ways' by Julian Fitter, Mark Jones, and Tui Roy.
  • Spot prizes: Albatross tea towel, keep cup, soft fluffy albatross toy, albatross print and DOC merchandise.

Two spot prizes will be randomly selected from all valid name submissions and the third spot prize will be randomly drawn from the top 20 names shortlist.

We will pay for any international shipping needed for prizes. You can view sample pictures of the prizes in the gallery above.

Because the prize package includes the involvement of our rangers, the virtual tour date and time will be negotiated directly with the winner to work with the ranger's schedules as well as the potential difference in time zones.

Read the full terms and conditions.

How the competition works

  1. Submit your name suggestion in the form, including a brief explanation about why you've chosen this name. One submission per person, so be sure to make it a good one. Name submissions closed on Sunday 2 August at 11:59 pm (New Zealand time).
  2. We'll select 20 names based on the judging criteria to go to the Te Poāri a Pukekura (Pukekura Co-management Trust) who will shortlist it down to their top five names.
  3. The top five names will then go out to the public to vote for the winning name. Voting will be open 19 August 9 am (New Zealand time) and close 26 August 5 pm (New Zealand time).

Judging criteria

The judges will be looking for:

  • relevance to the theme Celebrating Connection, the chick, colony or species
  • originality and creativity of the name and inspiration
  • reflective of the characteristics of the species or their habitat on the peninsula.
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