This is a reconnaissance survey report about the Kerikeri Ecological District for the Protected Natural Areas Programme.


Kerikeri Ecological District is one of the very few places in New Zealand where kiwi can still be found in backyards and under verandahs. This very special experience is one we must celebrate and nurture, especially at a time when kiwi populations are shrinking by 6% per year.

The islands of the Bay of Islands and outer coast are internationally renowned for their scenic and recreational values, but these high-use areas also support distinctive plants and animals, some of which, such as the New Zealand dotterel, are particularly sensitive to disturbance.

This report briefly describes these special places, and assigns a level of significance to each within the context of the Kerikeri Ecological District. However, in itself, the report will not ensure that they survive into the future for successive generations to enjoy. The challenge remains for us all to appreciate their inherent value and to manage those values with sensitivity to maintain a strong biological resource for the years to come.

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