Hunt red deer and chamois in this area, which includes the Windbag Valley and Moeraki Valley. These are 40 minutes north of Haast or 40 minutes south from Fox Glacier.


  • Chamois
  • Deer - Red

Permit requirements

A permit is required to hunt on public conservation land.

This hunting area is covered by an 'open area permit' – get it online or from a DOC office.

Dog access

Dogs with a DOC permit only. More information below or contact the relevant DOC office.

About this hunting block


This site includes the Windbag Valley and Moeraki Valley east of SH6.

Hunting ballots

There are balloted upper valley Roar blocks for parts of the Moeraki Valley between March and April. The roar blocks are:

  • Block 68 – Lower Moeraki
  • Block 69 – Upper Moeraki

The Windbag Valley is not subject to any hunting ballots and is open to hunting all year round.

The blocks based at Horseshoe Flat and Middle Head Hut are balloted during the Roar and the areas around Blowfly Hut and The Windbag are open blocks.

More information and how to apply for the roar ballot.


Access to the area is from SH6. The area is approached on SH6 from either 40 minutes north from Haast or 40 minutes south from Fox Glacier.

Moeraki Valley access

The main access point is the north end of the Haast-Paringa Cattle Track at Moeraki Bluffs, between Lakes Moeraki and Paringa.

This well-formed track leads to the Moeraki River swing bridge and Blowfly Hut around 1 hour, 8 bunks. Shortly before the swing bridge, the Moeraki Valley track to Horseshoe Flat Hut heads upstream. It takes around 4 to 5 hours from the road end to Horseshoe Flat Hut, 2 to 3 hours upstream of Horseshoe Flat Hut is Middle Head Hut

Windbag Valley access

Numerous access points off SH6 through the Windbag Valley provide direct access to side creeks and the forested flats or steeper faces of the Windbag Valley. However wetland and scrubby areas near the highway can make returning to the road hard work if you choose the wrong spot. Travel is generally best along the creeks or areas of taller forest.

An old track just north of the Windbag Bridge joins up with the remains of the northern end of the old Haast-Paringa Cattle Track.  This track is not maintained and will be overgrown in places, but it’s still a reasonable route.


Aircraft landings are only allowed by DOC approved aircraft concessionaires only. Helicopter landing sites are available at:

Helicopters based at Haast and Karangarua are frequently used to provide access to landing sites.


There is no need to cross any pastoral lease or privately owned land to access this area.


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Red deer can be found throughout the area at any time of the year however spring hunting on the grass flats and the roar is most popular. 

Chamois are found in the upper valley.

Tahr are uncommon but could be encountered in the upper Moeraki.

Know before you go

Check for current pesticide operations that may be in progress where you intend to hunt using the pesticide summary map West Coast pesticide map.

The use of shotguns, shotgun-rifle combos, .22 calibre and rim-fire firearms is prohibited on public conservation land unless stated otherwise.


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