You can hunt red deer and chamois in the Upper Hunter hunting block with tahr also present in the upper parts of the valley.


  • Chamois
  • Deer - Red
  • Tahr

Permit requirements

A permit is required to hunt on public conservation land.

This hunting area is covered by an 'open area permit' which can be obtained online or from a DOC office.

Dog access

Dogs allowed. Keep dog under control at all times.

About this hunting block

Animals present are red deer and chamois in low to moderate numbers, with tahr also present in the upper parts of the valley.

General information

This block consists of the Hunter River catchment above Bull Flat/Long Flat Creek. Due to the length of the Hunter Valley, trips into this block will be multi-day unless you fly into landing strips near Forbes and Ferguson Huts. Travel in the main valley is fairly easy going, but some of the tributaries on the true right descend through deep gorges.

The floor of the upper Hunter is more heavily beech/tawhai forested than down valley. There is also more alpine gravel, rock and snow, being closer to the Main Divide.

During the roar period; in the months of March and April, the block divides into two separately balloted portions, Ferguson and Forbes, with the boundary between being at the old Mid Flat Hut site below Mt Ferguson.

See Wanaka roar block system

No fires to be lit in the open without a fire permit. Extinguish all fires before leaving huts and campsites.


To avoid a long journey on foot you may wish to fly by plane or helicopter into the Hunter Valley.

Unless an authorised aircraft operator is being used, for helicopter or plane access you must obtain an aircraft landing permit from the Tititea/Mt Aspiring National Park Visitor Centre in Wanaka.

Foot access is via the Lake Hawea eastern side. From Lake Hawea Township take Gladstone Road and then Dingle Burn Station Road for 14 km to a car park. From here follow the track (you may carry unloaded firearms) to Turihuka Conservation Area and beyond to the Hunter River mouth – 8-10 hours from the car park. From here it is another 4-5 hours to the Upper Hunter block.

For the Western side, Meads road gives access to the Kidds Bush Camping Area. Access along the western side of Lake Hawea to the Hawea conservation park beyond Terrace Creek requires prior permission from Hunter Valley Station Managers.

The station manager recommends and in the case of high river levels, may insist on a raised 4WD with snorkel for vehicle access beyond Hunter Valley Station Homestead due to multiple creek and river crossings.


Western side: Hunter Valley Station: phone +64 3 443 1242

Eastern side: Dingle Burn Station


NZTopo50 series: BY14, BZ13, BZ14


Dogs are allowed only if using air access. No separate permit required.



Tititea / Mount Aspiring National Park Visitor Centre
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Fax:   03 4437660
Address:   1 Ballantyne Road
Wanaka 9305
Postal Address:   PO Box 93
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