Find out about the Wanaka roar block system and how to enter the ballot for a roar block for 2021.

DOC's Tititea/Mt Aspiring National Park Visitor Centre in Wanaka runs an annual ballot system for hunters wishing to hunt during the roar period.

The ballot ensures hunters have access to an area with the knowledge that only one hunting party will be present in each of the blocks for a seven day period.


There are 50 blocks available for allocation each roar. These are limited to one party per block for each seven-day period.

Ballot draw

There will be no ballot draw for the 2021 roar. Instead there will be a rollover of 2020 Wanaka Roar permits to 2021 roar season.

Hunting blocks assigned as part of the 2020 Wanaka roar ballot were not able to be hunted during covid-19 Alert Levels 3 and 4 therefore the 2020 Wanaka roar ballot permit holders will have their blocks rolled over to the 2021 roar period.

If you were a 2020 Wanaka roar ballot holder you will be sent an email by the end of July 2020 asking you to confirm that you want the block for the 2021 roar. This inlcudes if you were a:

  • first draw confirmed applicant
  • or an applicant successful in the second chance draw.

If you're unable to use the block it cannot be transferred to friends or family. The permit will be cancelled and offered to hunters through a waitlist system.

The waitlist is only open to hunters who do not already hold a block.

In 2021 the roar system will run from Sunday 21 March to Saturday 17 April. The periods will be:

  • Period 1: Sunday 21 March to Saturday 27 March
  • Period 2: Sunday 28 March to Saturday 3 April
  • Period 3: Sunday 4 April to Saturday 10 April
  • Period 4: Sunday 11 April to Saturday 17 April

Waitlist for 2021 roar

If you're not the holder of a 2021 roar block, you can apply to go onto a waitlist for blocks that are no longer wanted. Submit your details for the waitlist

Waitlist entry is open until the end of January 2021, applications will not be accepted after this date.

When the entry date closes, waitlist entries will be put through a random sequence generator to determine order, the Wanaka Roar coordinator will call hunters from this list as blocks become available.

Permit issue

The 2021 roar permits will be emailed out to roar block holders at the end of January 2021.

General information

Helicopter operators are not permitted to undertake venison recovery during the roar period: 22 March to 13 April including Easter weekend (Good Friday 3 April 2021 to Easter Monday 13 April 2021). If any helicopter is observed recovering venison during that period, note as much detail as possible, e.g. make, colour, registration, and pass to DOC so an investigation may be carried out.

To encourage full use of the hunting blocks, if you are no longer able to use your permit, inform the Wanaka DOC office so it can be reissued to someone on the waitlist. If you are the person the permit has been issued to, you must be in the hunting party, permits cannot be passed to family or friends if you find you can no longer hunt during the permit period. The success of the roar system depends on the integrity of those involved.

Be aware that there may be other people in your block who also have right of access to public land. This could include trampers, anglers, farmers, DOC field staff, possum hunters and many others.

Identify your target before shooting.


For any other information about hunting in the Wanaka area during the roar period, contact:

Tititea / Mount Aspiring National Park Visitor Centre
Phone:   0272696871
Fax:   03 4437660
Address:   1 Ballantyne Road
Wanaka 9305
Postal Address:   PO Box 93
Wanaka 9343
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