Apply to hunt on Molesworth Recreation Reserve outside the roar period.


Before applying:

Acheron Road through Molesworth is normally open 7 am – 7 pm daily from the Saturday of Labour Weekend in October, to Easter Monday or the second Sunday in April – whichever is later.

It can close without warning. Check for alerts on the Acheron Road webpage, or call the Renwick office any time +64 3 572 9100

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Application form for hunting outside the roar period

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Applicant (party leader)

Contact details

Check your address is entered correctly before continuing. 

Check your email is correct before continuing. 

Have you already submitted an application and are now registering additional members of a hunting party?

If you have any changes to your permit application contact +64 3 572 9100 or email

Vehicle details

Trip details


Check hunting calendars and restrictions before selecting dates.

We will only process requests for dates within 6 months of the current month.

Weeks start on a Wednesday and end on a Tuesday.

Preferred dates: (dd/mm/yyyy) Must be from a Wednesday to a Tuesday.

Alternative dates: (dd/mm/yyyy) Must be from a Wednesday to a Tuesday

Acheron Road access

Vehicle access is only allowed on Acheron Road during the road open period.

Open period – Saturday of Labour Weekend until Easter Monday:

  • An Activity permit is not required, unless for horse riding.

Easter Tuesday until the Friday before Labour Day Weekend:

  • The Acheron Road is closed and gates locked.
  • An Activity permit is required for driving access, mountain biking and horse riding.
  • Permits are unlikely to be issued for driving access except in exceptional circumstances. Allow for this in your block choices.
Is an Activity permit required for Acheron Road access?

Hunting party

On the following steps you must register each member of the hunting party (including non-hunting members) with full details including extra vehicles if used. 

Person 2

Will this person be hunting?

If this person is taking a vehicle not already specified on this application, provide details below. 

Will this person take a different vehicle?

Person 3

Will this person be hunting?
Will this person take a different vehicle?

Person 4

Will this person be hunting?
Will this person take a different vehicle?

Person 5

Will this person be hunting?
Will this person take a different vehicle?

I will leave a note with my vehicle so rangers know I am safe.

Submit your application

Your permit is not approved until you receive notification and a copy of the permit from the Wairau/Renwick Office.

Enter your name below to confirm you have read the conditions of permit, and that all your party will abide by the conditions. 

We will notify you by email. Check all email addresses are correct:

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