Read the Molesworth hunting permit conditions before applying for a hunting permit.

Special conditions for Molesworth

Any breaches of the conditions will be taken seriously and all members of the party will be excluded from hunting on Molesworth Recreation Reserve for a period of two years. 

  • This permit allows permit/holder/s to hunt rabbits and hares alongside animals listed under Standard conditions. It does not allow for the hunting of Canada Geese, Gamebirds or Possums.
  • Blocks may only be booked up to 6 months in advance.
  • Only one block may be booked by each hunting party at one time.  
  • No consecutive weeks can be booked.
  • You may only book a block once per month and no more than three times in a 6 month period (1 January–30 June, and 1 July–31 December), whether you are a hunter or non-hunter.
  • Maximum 8 people on each permit (6 Hunters/Non-Hunters with the addition of 2 Non-Hunters only).
  • Each member of the party must be on the permit (hunting and non-hunting) or you are in breach of the conditions.
  • You are only permitted to hunt in your allocated block. 
  • Holding a permit does not guarantee sole use of an area. Recreational users such as trampers, horse trekkers or mountain bikers may be present in any area at any time.
  • Permit holders can access their hunting block via other hunting blocks but hunting on blocks other than the one specially on this permit is forbidden. 
  • Check pesticide summaries for information on any 1080 operations before you hunt. 
  • Wilding pine control by helicopter may also be carried out at any time during the year.  Weed control staff will be informed of any hunters in the areas they are working.
  • This permit may be cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances including extreme weather, fire risk, earthquake and road conditions/road closure. 
  • A hunting permit does not guarantee road access.
  • Vehicle access is only allowed on Acheron Road during the road open period (Saturday of Labour Weekend until Easter Monday or the second Sunday in April, whichever is the later date). Vehicle access is also allowed on the Tophouse Road and Clarence Valley Road all year around via Hanmer (weather permitting). There is no public vehicle access on farm tracks or use of quad bikes.
  • No public access to Landcorp huts, and operational areas at Molesworth Homestead, Tarndale, Red Gate, Bush Gully and the Guide.
  • Your permit must be carried while in Molesworth Recreation Reserve. If you are leaving a vehicle on the roadside, leave a copy of the permit visible on the dashboard. Vehicles may be left up to 50 m from the Acheron Rd. Make sure your vehicles are not blocking gates or access ways. 
  • Fires are prohibited in the reserve except for facilities provided in huts.
  • Camping is not permitted in the Acheron Road corridor. You must camp at least 300 m from and out of sight of the Acheron, Clarence and Tophouse Roads, camping is allowed for the duration of this permit (7 days).
  • There is strictly no helicopter use for recreational hunting or other recreational activities on Molesworth Recreation Reserve.
  • No dogs.
  • A concession is required from DOC to use a drone on public conservation land.

Standard hunting permit conditions

  • Permits only allow for ground-based non-commercial hunting of deer, pigs, goats, chamois within the timeframe specified unless otherwise stated in the ‘special conditions’. This permit also allows the permit/holder/s to hunt rabbits and hares. This permit does not allow for the hunting of Canada Geese, Gamebirds or Possums. 
  • Permits do not entitle the holder to enter any area held under lease or where access is restricted by the DOC. For details about land held under lease or restricted areas, contact the nearest DOC office.
  • Permits do not confer a right of access except by way of defined legal roads or rights of way. Permission to cross any private land must be obtained from the owner.
  • Permits do not confer the right to take vehicles or dogs onto public conservation land, unless otherwise stated in the special conditions of that permit.
  • Only centre fire rifles of calibre .222 Remington or larger may be used for hunting, or crossbows and bows that meet the minimum standard specified by DOC. Shotguns, rimfire rifles and .22 hornet are excluded.
  • Hunters wishing to use a firearm must abide by the conditions of the Arms Act.
  • No firearm is to be discharged in the vicinity of huts, tracks, campsites, road-ends or any other public place in a manner that endangers property, or endangers, frightens or annoys members of the public.
  • Absolutely no spotlighting. Hunting wild animals during the hours of darkness (1/2 hour after sunset to 1/2 hour before sunrise) is prohibited.
  • Permits are not transferable and must be produced on demand to any authorised person, and may at any time be cancelled by public notice or by email or letter.
  • Carcasses, offal and rubbish must not be left near or in visitor facilities or waterways.

Bow hunting minimum criteria:

  • Minimum drawing weight factor 15 kg (35 lb).
  • Minimum diameter of two opposing blades is 22 mm (7/8 in).
  • Only non-barbed hunting arrows are permissible.
  • Arrows with any poison, explosive or other chemical substance on or in the head or shaft are not permitted.

Crossbow minimum criteria:

  • Minimum drawing weight factor 68 kg ( 150 lb).
  • Minimum diameter of multi-bladed head is 22 mm (7/8 in).
  • Minimum length of complete arrow is 400 mm (16 in).
  • Only non-barbed hunting arrows are permissible.
  • Hunting arrows must not be placed into a loaded crossbow under any circumstances unless target is located. Crossbow must have a positive mechanical safety device in working order.
  • Arrows with any poison, explosive or other chemical substance on or in the head or shaft are not permitted. 

All breach of any of the standard or 'special conditions' renders this permit null and void and may result in prosecution.


The applicant shall indemnify the Department of Conservation and Landcorp Farming against all claims by any person in respect of injury, loss or damage (including fire damage) caused by or arising out of any act of omission of the Applicants, its servants, agents, contractors, clients or invitees, or otherwise caused as a consequence of its use of the reserve or as a result of the conduct of the permit holder.

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