Check when hunting blocks are available and apply online.

Check when Molesworth hunting blocks are available before making an online booking request.

Possum control for Molesworth area May to November 2021

A possum control operation using 1080 bait was completed on 12 June 2021 in the western portion of Molesworth.

OSPRI is planning a further operation to apply biodegradable aerial 1080 to the Five Mile and Yarra catchment between October and November 2021.

There may be toxic carcasses in the area that can take months to break down. There may also be leftover toxic bait (green coloured pellets).

Do not take and eat animals in this area until the area is safe, 4 - 9 months following the operation. This will be shown by removal of the warning signs and this alert. The area in the pesticide summary map will also show as safe.

Check the calendar for dates of available hunting blocks. It's your responsibility to follow the guidelines if you choose to hunt during this period.

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