Kaimanawa Forest Park offers great hunting for sika and red deer and limited pig hunting opportunities.


  • Deer - Red
  • Deer - Sika
  • Pigs

Permit requirements

A permit is required to hunt on public conservation land.

This hunting area is covered by an 'open area permit' – get it online or from a DOC office.

Dog access

Dogs (restricted numbers) allowed.

About this hunting block

General information

Sika deer are distributed throughout the park with the greatest concentrations in the north and east from the Mohaka river to the Tauranga Taupō river.

Red deer and pigs are also present, but in lower numbers. Red deer are more common in the southern parts of the park, and pigs tend to be concentrated along the edges of the park, particularly where they have access to exotic forestry blocks.

The Park is characterised by its irregular broken nature as the Kaimanawa mountains comprise a number of ranges separated by the headwater valleys of several major rivers. The central and southern areas are the more rugged, made up of steep bush clad valleys, scrubland and alpine grassland. The north and east of the park is more rolling terrain, and almost entirely covered in forest.

The recreational hunting opportunity in the park is of national importance. The Kaimanawa/Ahimanawa/Kaweka area has the only large wild herd of sika deer in the southern hemisphere. In recognition of the sport-hunting potential of the sika herd, the northern part of the park was gazetted as a recreational hunting area (RHA) in 1982. It is one of the highest-used RHAs in the country.


Access to the RHA is primarily from Clements Mill Road, or the poled route across Poronui Station into the Oamaru Hut.
Access into the rest of the Kaimanawas is primarily from road ends such as Kiko and Kaimanawa Roads.

Kaimanawa Forest Park access information.


You will need the following Topo 50 maps:

Turangi BH35
Motutere BH36
Rangitaiki BH37
Waiouru BJ35
Tawake Tohunga BJ36


One dog is allowed per hunter with a Kaimanawa Forest Park hunting permit. Hunters wishing to use more than one dog require an additional permit from the Taupō nui-a-Tia Office.

Dogs must be tied up at night. Any dogs that are lost in these areas must be reported to the nearest DOC office immediately.


There are a number of huts in Kaimanawa Forest Park:


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