Biking in Kaimanawa Forest Park

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You can enjoy many activities in Kaimanawa Forest Park in the Tūrangi/Taupō area. Permits are required for hunting and fishing. Access over private land is by permission only

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  • Camping
  • Fishing
  • Hunting
  • Mountain biking
  • Walking and tramping

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Getting there

Vehicle access

Vehicle access is available to the park from the north and west from a number of roads, mainly unsealed and on both private and DOC land.


A number of airstrips provide access to the forest park by light aircraft. Note: A permit is required to land on public conservation lands. Find out how to provide aircraft activities

Boyd Airstrip Ngaruroro River:

This airstrip is administered by the DOC and is available for transport of recreational users.

To use the Boyd Airstrip we strongly recommend that you consider the following:

  • runway length is 550 m
  • there is no significant slope
  • the strip has an uneven surface and will retain surface water as puddles for up to three days after periods of significant rainfall
  • the strip's elevation (3100 ft) means that density altitude combined with all up weight is often an issue for take off
  • the Boyd is notorious for wind shear, turbulence and gusts on short final approach and on take off.

Given all the factors pilots should contact an experienced operator, such as Taupō Air Services +64 7 378 5325 or Air Charter +64 7 378 5467, to seek advice on current conditions likely to be encountered, prior to departure.

Use radio frequency 134.0 in the Boyd Airstrip area.

Oamaru Airstrip: This airstrip is located on private land across the river from Oamaru Hut. Helisika +64 7 384 2816 has permission to take recreational users to this strip.

North Arm Te Wai O Tupuritia Stream: Located on private land where Helisika +64 7 384 2816 has permission to operate.

Helicopter access

Helicopters are only permitted to land at established DOC hut sites and other designated landing sites.

Access through private land

It is essential that visitors seeking access through adjacent private land gain permission from the landowner before departure. Hunting permits from DOC confer no right of access across private land.

Private land adjoining the Kaimanawa Forest Park

The lower Oamaru Valley - south east bank; the upper Ngaruroro River including the Mangamingi and Te Wai O Tupuritia Streams, the headwaters of the Rangitikei and Tauranga-Taupō Rivers. East Taupō Lands block, private land. No access. Enquiries to Helisika +64 7 384 2816.

There is no public access to the following routes through the East Taupō lands block. Requirements for access contact: Helisika +64 7 384 2816.

  • Kiko Road to Ngapuketurua to Cascade Hut
  • Cascade Hut to North Arm to Boyd Hut
  • Waipakihi Hut to Ignimbrite Saddle to Ngapuketurua 

The large tract of land south of the Mangamingi Stream between the Ngaruroro and Mangamaire Rivers. Contact Helisika +64 7 384 2816.

The southern bank of the Waipakihi River below the Waipakihi Gorge to Waikato Stream and extending south into the 'Needles Block'. Contact Kaimanawa 3B2A and 3B2B Trust, c/o He Akina Ltd, phone +64 7 378 5180 or email

The Rangipo Blocks north of Waikato Stream and east of the Desert Road. Contact Tuwharetoa Maori Trust Board +64 7 386 8832.

South of the Rangitikei River and Makahikatoa confluence on the true left bank. Contact Ngamatea Station +64 6 388 0883.


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