Terms and conditions for the DOC Campsite Pass.

A Campsite Pass gives you access to DOC conservation campsites around New Zealand, including bookable and non-bookable campsites. Buy a campsite pass.

Updated June 2023

Campsite Pass purchases and use not meeting the following terms and conditions are treated as invalid and will be cancelled by the Department of Conservation (DOC).

By accepting these terms and conditions you are also accepting local site rules. These can be found on the places to stay web pages

These terms and conditions are correct at time of publishing however DOC reserves the right to change them, including campgrounds excluded from the Pass, at any time without prior notice. 


In terms of these terms and conditions:

Bookable: Campgrounds on the DOC booking system that require advance booking to secure a campsite.
Campground: A property with a collection of campsites.
Campsite: A site/place occupied by tent, caravan or campervan within a campground.
DOC: The Department of Conservation.
Non-bookable/self-registration: DOC campsites which operate on a first come, first served basis, and self-registration at the site is required.
Pass: The DOC Campsite Pass.
Use: Making a booking or staying at a campground whichever is the earliest.
DOC agent: Contracted third-party managers or volunteer camp hosts at select DOC campgrounds.


  1. The DOC Campsite Pass allows the person named on the Pass to stay in a tent, campervan, or caravan at DOC bookable (bookings required), or non-bookable/self registration campsites.
  2. Passes are for individuals only and a Pass is required for each adult, child/youth intending to use the campgrounds on the Pass system.
  3. Passes are non-transferrable.
  4. Customers who are entitled to a discount may only apply that discount to their own Pass, they may not purchase discounted Passes on behalf of other people aged 18 years and over. Child/youth and infant Passes may be purchased in conjunction with a discounted adult pass.
  5. Passes purchased for others at less than the retail price will be deemed invalid and cancelled.
  6. All customers 18 years and over must create their own account, validate their entitlement to any discount and purchase their own Passes.
  7. The Pass does not give preference to stay at bookable campsites. Where the campsite is listed on the DOC website as bookable, Pass holders must make a valid booking for the number of people and dates they wish to stay to secure a site.
  8. The Pass does not give preference to staying at non-bookable campsites. Non-bookable campsites operate on a first come, first served basis.
  9. All correspondence regarding the Pass must be received from and will be sent to the email address listed on the account created to purchase the Pass. Account holders can update their account details online.
  10. Commercial and/or guided groups are not permitted to purchase, or use Passes for their staff or customers, unless authorised in a DOC concession. Information and contact details to arrange a concession.
  11. DOC can revoke your Pass at any time if the conditions of purchase are not being met.
  12. Passes can only be used during the date range the Pass is valid for.
  13. The Pass is not intended as a season pass for one single campground. The Pass can only be used for a maximum of seven nights in a 30 day period at any one campsite. Additional nights can be purchased up to the maximum stay period for the campground at the standard rate.
  14. No other discount/promotion code or pass can be used in conjunction with the Campsite Pass.


This Campsite Pass gives you access to most DOC conservation campsites throughout New Zealand. There are some exclusions, these are listed on campsites excluded from the Campsite Pass

Age categories

  1. The age categories below apply at the time of stay at the campground:

: 18 years plus
Child/youth: 5–17 years
Infant: 0–4 years

  1. Persons aged 14 years and under must be accompanied by an adult.


  1. A user/household account must be created by each individual aged 18 years and over to purchase a Pass before you can book a campground using your Pass.
    Required information to create an account is: your first and family names, residential address, country of residence, and a valid email address and phone number.
    Refer to DOC’s Privacy Policy for how DOC may use this information.
  2. Passes are valid for one year (365 days) or 30 consecutive days from the Pass’s nominated start date, chosen when purchasing your Pass.
  3. The nominated start date must be within 30 days of purchase.
  4. Passes can only be purchased through the DOC booking system or at DOC visitor centres.

Booked campsites

  1. Passes cannot be retrospectively applied to bookings already made.
  2. Where the campground is listed on the DOC website as bookable, Pass holders must make a valid booking for the number of people and dates they wish to stay.
  3. No speculative bookings are permitted.
  4. Only one campsite, per Pass, can be booked per night.
  5. Children 14 years and under must be accompanied by an adult.
  6. Only when the number of people booked on a site exceeds number of people permitted per site, can additional sites be booked.
  7. Users will need to check in at the camp office, visitor centre or with campsite manger if on site.
  8. Proof of a booking, Pass and ID must be available on request by DOC staff or their agents.
  9. Booked campsites must be cancelled if the Pass holder is no longer going to stay at the booked campground. Failure to cancel may lead to Pass/es being revoked.

Non-bookable – self registration campsites

  1. The Pass does not give preference to staying at non bookable/self-registration campsites which operate on a first come, first served basis.
  2. On arrival at campsite, Pass users will need to register at the camp by using self-registration envelopes/document.
  3. Children aged 14 years and under must be accompanied by an adult on site.
  4. Pass and ID must be shown to DOC staff or their agents on request.

Prices and payments

  1. All prices are in New Zealand dollars and include GST (Goods and Services Tax).
  2. Full payment is required at time of purchase.
  3. Accepted credit cards are Mastercard and Visa.
  4. Purchases of Passes made online will automatically be charged to your credit card via the 3D secure payment network. Card and/or bank related security questions may need to be completed.
  5. Card and security details are not held by DOC.
  6. There is a $3 per person nightly fee for adults and $1.50 for youth 5-17 years staying at powered sites.
  7. Pass prices are reviewed regularly, are subject to change, and changes may not be notified in advance.
  8. Prices indicated at time of purchase within the Pass booking system are final.

Cancellation policies

  1. Passes are non-refundable after 48 hours of purchase, or after a booking is made using the Pass as payment or on or after first nominated date of use, whichever is the earliest.
  2. For booked campsites no shows may have their entire booking cancelled if Pass holder fails to commence stay or fails to contact the campground office by 10 am the day after first night booked.
  3. Passes cannot be modified after purchase.
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