It's important you understand what we do with your personal information.

Why we collect personal information

We run programmes to protect and restore our species, places and heritage, and provide opportunities for people to engage with these treasures.

This includes a network of huts and tracks, managing natural heritage and historic properties, science and research, pest control and compliance and law enforcement.

Personal information is collected to provide the right services to people, and when people get involved in conservation activities, for example:

  • hunting permits, fishing licences, concessions and permissions to use conservation land
  • bookings for camping, huts and the safety of track users
  • applying for volunteer work and or community conservation groups.

Some of the information we collect helps us with research and reporting. For example, your ethnicity or country of origin information could be included in statistical reporting. This is helpful in planning services and telling us how well our services are meeting the needs of different groups.

Sometimes we also need to collect personal information for the purpose of detecting or investigating potential:

  • criminal offending, for example, illegal harvest, wildlife smuggling, poaching, assault or vandalism
  • non-compliance of the regulatory requirements of a permit or certificate
  • threats to the physical safety of staff; or the security of information, places or operations.

See our transparency page for more information.

How we use or share your personal information

We will use the information we hold to:

  • ensure eligibility for a hunting permit, fishing licence, permission, concession or other services available to New Zealanders and visitors
  • ensure the safety of people using our huts and tracks and other services
  • undertake proactive security and risk assessment activities
  • support other state sector agencies activities.

Information you provide as part of official processes may be subject to an Official Information Act (OIA) request. We will commit to maintaining individual privacy by withholding personal information subject to a request, where permissible, under the OIA.

How we collect personal information

We collect information from a variety of sources including:

How we store your personal information

We keep your personal information secure through:

  • staff training and awareness
  • making regular backups of our data
  • using secure systems and servers with strong privacy standards and policies to protect data from outside sources
  • secure storage for physical information.

Information is stored, and disposed of, in accordance with our Privacy Policy and Information Security Policy and in compliance with the:

  • Privacy Act 1993
  • Official Information Act 1982
  • Public Records Act 2005.

How you can access and change your personal information

If you want to request access to information we hold about you, you can either email or send a letter to us.


Mail address:

Government Services
Department of Conservation
PO Box 10420
18-32 Manners Street
Wellington 6011.

To assist with your request ensure you include your name, postal address or preferred email address and any details you may know of the information you are seeking.

Respecting and protecting information

We are committed to respecting information and keeping it safe.  We have systems, policies and governance in place to control how we collect, manage and use information.

We collect, use and share information appropriately and we meet our obligations under the following:

  • Privacy Act 1993
  • Search and Surveillance Act 2012
  • Bill of Rights Act 1990
  • Code of Conduct for the State Services
  • State Services Commissions Model Standards on Information Gathering and Public Trust
  • Conservation Act and Regulations.

How to contact us

If you have any questions or concerns you can contact us by email.


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