There are a range of tramping tracks in Pureora Forest Park, ranging from a few hours to three days.

Track overview

Walking and tramping

Advanced: Tramping track

Mountain biking

2-3 hours Intermediate: Grade 3

Dog access

Dogs with a DOC permit only. Contact the relevant DOC office to obtain a permit.

About this track


Toitoi Track - updated track design

Time and distance: 1 hr 30 min / 2.8 km to summit

This track provides alternative access to the summit of Mt Pureora. It leaves from the carpark on Tui Road and travels along the Timber Trail before veering off the Timber trail and moving up the northwest side of Mt Pureora. From the junction of the Timber Trail to the summit is 1.8 km or 45 min walk. Note that Toitoi Road and the Toitoi Road carpark is now on private land and the bottom 1 km of the track is closed for general use. Enter the track from Tui Road.

Arataki Track

Time: 1 hr 30 min to junction with Mt Titiraupenga Track

This track to Mt Titiraupenga begins off Titiraupenga Rd and passes the YMCA camp. It climbs steadily to join the Mt Titiraupenga Track, 10 minutes below the summit rock. Do not climb the summit rock. Arataki track is no longer maintained for vehicles.

Bog Inn Track

There is no access via Bog Inn Road/Tihoi Roads to the Bog Inn hut. There is also no access via Bog Inn Road/Tihoi Road to the Hauhangaroa Track. Use the Timber Trail, or Waihaha/Waihora tracks to access these areas.

Mt Titiraupenga Track

Time: 8 hr return to Link Rd car park

Leaving Link Rd car park, this track crosses many small streams before climbing a southern ridge of Mt Titiraupenga and joins the Arataki Track just below the summit rock. The summit of Mt Titiraupenga is Maori land and a taonga (treasure) to local iwi. Respect these values and the landowners’ wishes by not climbing the summit rock.

Waihora Track

Time and distance: 1 hr 30 min / 4 km to Waihora Junction

From SH32 turn onto the Waihora Rd and travel approximately 3 km before turning left into the Waihora Lagoon carpark. From here the track follows an old road for 30 minutes to Pikopiko Stream and then a steady 1 hr climb will bring you to the junction with the Hauhungaroa Track.

Waihaha Track

Time and distance: 3 hr / 9.4 km to hut/campsite

The track follows the Waihaha River through shrubland before entering dense podocarp forest. The Waihaha Hut is in a clearing overlooking the river where the Waihaha Track meets the Hauhungaroa Track.

Mountain biking on Waihaha Track

Track categoryIntermediate: Grade 3
Time: 2-3 hr

This is a shared-use track. Follow the mountain bikers code: respect others, respect the rules, respect the track.

Ketemaringi Track

Time: 4 hr to Totara Stream Crossing

From the end of Ketemaringi Rd, climb steadily for 1 hour to Ketemaringi Trig. The track then turns south and descends easily down a ridge to emerge onto Totara Stream Rd. It is a further 1 hour walk to the car park at the Totara Stream Ccrossing.

Mangatutu Track

Time: 2 hr to ridge

This hunters' access track starts from the northern end of Okahukura Rd in the north block of the park. The track crosses two streams before climbing steeply onto the main ridge leading to Mt Ranginui. The track ends at the top of the ridge.

Hauhungaroa Track (Link Rd to Mangakahu Valley Rd)

Time: Approximately 3 days

This 45 km track traverses the Hauhungaroa Range from Link Rd to Mangakahu Valley Rd. Initially you follow the Mt Pureora Track to Mt Pureora before dropping down a southern ridge of the mountain to Bog Inn Hut (3 hr 30 min).

After skirting the Bog climb the ridge to Mt Weraroa (3 hr), turn east and drop steeply to the Waihora Track (1 hr 30 min). The track continues onto the Waihaha Hut (4 hr). Continue upstream from the Waihaha Hut on the true left of the Waihaha River. Just to the south of Te Awaiti Stream the track turns southwest and climbs the ridge onto the crest of the Hauhungaroa Range. Follow the crest south and the track continues to the Hauhungaroa Hut (7 hr from Waihaha Hut).

From the Hauhungaroa Hut continue following the crest south past Mt Motere before dropping down to the head of the Mangakahu Valley and the road end (2 hr 30 min).

Note: The track section between Mt Pureora and Bog Inn is no longer maintained. The alternative is to proceed down Pureora Mountain using the Toitoi Track and along the Timber Trail. Signs are in place to direct people from the Timber Trail to the Bog Inn hut. The rest of the Hauhungaroa Track is open.

Getting there

Pureora Forest Park is 81 km southwest of Rotorua along Highway 30 via Benneydale.

Know before you go

Waihora Road closed to cars and 2WD vehicles: Waihora Road, which leads to the Waihora Lagoon Walk, is impassable for 2WD vehicles and cars. The road is open to 4WD vehicles and foot traffic only.

  • All timings are approximate.
  • There is no fuel in Pureora, so ensure you have enough before you visit. A small range of retail products are available at Pa Harakeke (open 7 days during the summer season, and 5 days Monday – Friday during winter).
  • These tracks vary in difficulty and require experience.
  • Carry enough food, water and warm clothing for a safe and enjoyable time.
  • Weather conditions can change quickly so always carry warm clothing and a raincoat.
  • Because of the terrain and heavily forested nature of the park trampers are advised to obtain the relevant topographical maps (NZTopo50 series BF34; BF35; BG34; BG35; BH34;BH35; BE34; BE35) available from the Te Kuiti DOC office.


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