Family at Lake Okareka Campsite

Image: Nick Lambert


Create a map of your campsite, explore your surroundings and earn a Kiwi Guardians medal for being a Curious Camper.

Connect with nature and earn a Kiwi Guardians medal. Spending time in nature has positive effect on our health and wellbeing.

Camping is a great way to get outside and into nature. You can camp out in your own backyard on a fine night, or head to your nearest park/reserve. No matter where you go camping you will sure to have fun doing these fun activities. 

  • Star gaze under the milky way – can you see a shooting star? Can you spot the Southern Cross constellation?
  • Start a campfire and prepare food and tell stories
  • Watch the sunset or sunrise
  • Listen to the dawn chorus – how many different birds can you hear? 

Discover your camping area

Create a map of your campsite, explore your surroundings and see what you can find.

Find where north, south east and west are (hint, the sun rises from the east and sets in the west), once you have the directions, place your tent on the map. 

Add other nearby points of interest to your map: trees, beach, river, road, did you see any lizards? spot any crazy rocks shaped like a frog? etc.

Sound Patrol – sit still for 5 minutes and try to identify the sounds of nature. Close your eyes and point in the direction where the sound comes from, put the sounds that you hear on the map you have drawn:

  • Birds
  • Insects
  • Water moving
  • Wind in the trees
  • People walking 

Try doing Sound Patrol in the morning and evening to see if you hear something different. 

Hide a treasure and see if your friends can find it by using your treasure map.

Kiwi Guardians Curious Camper medal.
Kiwi Guardians Curious Camper medal

Claim your Kiwi Guardians medal

Tell us how your map turned out, and who you gave your map to and we’ll send you Kiwi Guardians Curious Camper medal.

Click on the yellow button at the top of the page to claim your Kiwi Guardians medal.

Each Kiwi Guardians action has a different medal - see how many you can collect.

If you share something online use #KiwiGuardians so we can see what you’ve done and share it with others!

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