Godley Head
Image: DOC


Go back to 1939. Built at the beginning of WW2, Godley Head coastal defence battery sits above sheer 120 metre-high cliffs. And big cliffs mean one thing – big views!
  • On a good day you can see all the way to Kaikoura and beyond. Look out for little blue penguins, dolphins or even whales in the bay.
  • Travel back in time to the dark days of WWII when an invasion of New Zealand seemed likely –  Stand in a concrete Observation Post and look out for enemy ships. 
  • Pack a picnic – there are lot of great spots.
  • Start the trip from Taylors Mistake and make a day of it – complete with sand and surf on your way home.

Get ready

Download the adventure map (PDF, 1,298K) and check out what you can do.

Go and explore

Look out for the Guardian Post when you get there. On it you'll find a special code word - write it down.

Getting there: The track starts at Taylors Mistake, so you can park at the Taylors Mistake beach car park.

If you don’t wish to do the full walk, you can discover the Kiwi Guardian post at Godley Head. Drive to the coastal suburb of Sumner, then head up the Port Hills via Evans Pass Road. Turn left onto Summit Road and follow it to Godley Head car park.

Claim your reward

Tell us the Godley Head code word to receive a Kiwi Guardians certificate and medal for this adventure.

Put the medal on your back pack or pencil case to show everyone the adventure you've had.

Each Kiwi Guardians place has a different medal - see how many you can collect.

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