Bridge on the Ratapihipihi Sceni Reserve Walk
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Explore subtropical rainforest with amazing native trees. Find out what makes the pukatea tree so special. Guess how old the biggest nikau palm is. Look for fish splashing in the river.
  • Stroll through the beautiful native bush and look for the tallest nikau palm tree. What other native plants can you spot?
  • Sit quietly by the stream and spot native fish darting through the shallows.
  • Check out the old saw pits from timber milling in the 1850’s. 
  • Eat a picnic at the end of your walk.

Get ready

Download the adventure map (PDF, 1,943K) and check out what you can do.

Go and explore

Look out for the Guardian Post when you get there. On it you'll find a special code word - write it down.

Getting there: Ratapihipihi Scenic Reserve is 7.4 km south of New Plymouth. Follow Tukapa Street for 5 km, then turn into Cowling Road, then into Ratapihipihi Road.

Claim your reward

Tell us the Ratapihipihi Scenic Reserve code word to receive a Kiwi Guardians certificate and medal for this adventure.

Put the medal on your back pack or pencil case to show everyone the adventure you've had.

Each Kiwi Guardians place has a different medal - see how many you can collect.

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