Read about the 2018/19 review of the Hector's and Māui dolphin Threat Management Plan.

2018/19 review

At the conclusion of the previous Threat Management Plan (TMP) review (Māui dolphin section only), Ministers stated that the next full Hector's and Māui Threat Management Plan review would take place in 2018. 

The table below outlines the key milestones in the lead up to the review. 

Timeframe of TMP review

TMP review stage



Ministerial approval sought on the scope of the review

March 2019


Consultation documents to Ministers for approval

May 2019


Formal public consultation

June-August 2019

Public consultation

Analysis of submissions and draft decision document

August-September 2019

Engagement with iwi and stakeholders on final options to Ministers.

Decision documents provided to Ministers

October 2019


Note that this is a tentative timeline and is subject to change by Ministers.

Review reports and documents from the risk assessment workshop and stakeholder forum meetings.

Further information will be published here as it becomes available. 

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