Early detection and rapid response to fires on Central North Island DOC land by adjoining rural fire authorities, has prevented large fires in the current extreme fire conditions.

Date:  03 April 2014

In the current extreme fire conditions, early detection and rapid response to fires on Department of Conservation (DOC) land by adjoining rural fire authorities, have prevented large fires.

DOC wants to acknowledge and thank the fire fighters for their help in protecting our local natural areas.

A fire at the edge of the Waikato River on Saturday was promptly responded to by the Taupō Fire Service and was contained very quickly and efficiently before the DOC fire crew had arrived on site.

A fire that started at the Outdoor Pursuits Centre in the Tongariro Forest on Monday was promptly responded to by the National Park and Turangi volunteer fire brigades, and NZ Forest Managers before the DOC fire crew arrived.

Conservation Services manager Dave Lumley says, "The assistance of our rural neighbours helped contain a fire before it became large destroying native habitat to the kiwi and other wildlife".

The Taupō District Council has also been responding to local fires over the last month also contributing to fewer losses of forest and infrastructure on DOC land. Timberlands assistance has been appreciated also, particularly on the Napier-Taupō  road.

Principal Rural Fire Officer Phil Parker comments "Theses examples show how the multi-agency approach to rural fire fighting is protecting our local assets. I acknowledge the time these agencies put towards training their staff in fire response, and special acknowledgement to those who volunteer their time".

If you see smoke dial 111 immediately, as early detection in these current drought conditions is imperative to stop fires getting out of control.


Dave Lumley
Conservation Services Manager
Whakapapa and Central North Island Plateau
Department of Conservation
Phone: +64 7 384 7135
Mobile: +64 27 474 6332

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