DOC backcountry hut, campsite and hunting block data has been released for Digital New Zealand's great New Zealand remix & mashup competition.

The Department of Conservation is supporting Mix & Mash: The Great New Zealand Remix & Mashup Competition by releasing conservation data for public use.

DOC data on backcountry huts around the country, together with campsite and hunting block data, will be available for the public to mash-up and reuse for this year’s competition.

Logo for Mix and Mash competition.
Mix & Mash: The Great NZ Remix and Mashup competition

Run by Digital New Zealand, and offering $50,000 in cash and prizes, Mix & Mash challenges kiwis to create exciting web pages or applications with data from across the public sector.

“Mix & Mash is a great way to make public information available and encourage innovative ideas for connecting people with conservation,” said DOC spokesperson Isabel Regenaermel.

“We hope that more people will participate in conservation as a result of the competition. We see DOC's support as an investment in the wellbeing and prosperity of New Zealand.”

Last year’s winner developed an application using DOC’s tracks data and took out the prize categories for both ‘Best Visitor Experience’ and the overall ‘Supreme Mashup’ award.

This year the competition will have broader categories, including Environment and Sport and Recreation.

DOC is sponsoring the Lead Judges’ Awards.

The competition launched yesterday and closes 15 September 2011.

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