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31 July each year is World Ranger Day when we celebrate the amazing things that our hard-working rangers do across Aotearoa all year round.


Conservation Blog: Meet our rangers

Come behind the scenes and meet some of our dedicated rangers, learn more about the work they do and their passion for conservation.

Meet our rangers on World Ranger Day

See through our rangers’ eyes

Come see through our rangers' eyes thanks to this GoPro footage sent in from our rangers in the field.


Discover some of our rangers' lesser known roles – Conservation Blog

Take a peek at our new uniform


Live Q&A session with our rangers

To celebrate World Ranger Day 2017 we hosted a live Q&A session with our rangers.

Our rangers tell us about their day

Conservation Blog: An average day at work for a ranger

World Ranger Day globally

The International Ranger Federation organizes World Ranger Day around the globe. About their work.

World Ranger Day on social media

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