Donating a trap online
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Take action for nature and donate a trap to a community group working to restore wildlife and their habitat.

Help a community group by donating a trap

Driven by the Predator Free 2050 goal, an Aotearoa where our native species are safe from extinction, community groups all over the country are working hard to remove harmful introduced predators so that native plants and animals can thrive.

However, appropriate traps cost money. By donating towards a trap, you can help local communities continue the hard work they’re doing to achieve a predator free Aotearoa.

You don’t need to get hands-on with trapping to make a difference for nature

You don’t need to trap in your backyard, have access to a green space, or even have free time to support native wildlife to thrive. By donating you can help community groups trap predators and restore local native wildlife.

How to donate

Working on a trapping line.
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Give a Trap is a donation platform that connects generous people who want to donate to local community groups in need of traps. It’s easy to use! The platform helps you select a trap, delivers your gift, and gives you updates on the community group’s success.

You can donate from just $10+ to be spent how you choose or gift a trap that a trapping group needs. 

Choose a community group that needs support. They might be local to you or not. It doesn’t matter where they are, it all helps towards achieving a Predator Free Aotearoa.

Give a Trap will then organise the supply and delivery of the trap directly to the group. Once the group receives your gift, they'll put it to work and send you regular updates on their progress through the Give a Trap platform.

Your gift is used to cover the cost of purchasing the trap, shipping it to your nominated group, and a very small contribution goes towards the costs of running the platform. 

Give a trap or donate $10+.

Trapping helps wildlife and plants recover

Every trap makes a difference for native plants and animals. They help remove harmful introduced predators.

In just one night, possums in Aotearoa can eat 21,000 tonnes of vegetation. That’s nearly the weight of the Auckland Sky Tower! A male stoat can eat a quarter of its body weight per day in birds or eggs. If we didn’t control these predators, many native animal populations would become extinct in less than two human generations and forest health would decline.

A community success story

We’ve already seen that community action to remove predators help native plants and wildlife recover. Predator Free Miramar is an inspiring example of community action. Thanks to successful eradications using traps and bait, Miramar Peninsula now has zero Norway rats, stoats, weasels, and possums. Since then, they have seen native bird populations soar by 51%, including a 550% increase in pīwakawaka/fantail and a 275% increase in riroriro/grey warbler.

You can join this nationwide movement to bring birdsong back to your neighbourhood.

Check out our other actions for Conservation Week and find the way you can take action for nature.

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Register to be on the Give a Trap website if you are a Group or Supplier.

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