Community groups and businesses can list Conservation Week events on Eventfinda.


Conservation Week events published on Eventfinda will automatically be listed on our Conservation Week events page.

Listing Conservation Week events on Eventfinda

1. To list your event, you'll need an Eventfinda account. It's free to join and list events.

2. When you create your Conservation Week event, copy and paste the following phrase into the description:

This event is part of Conservation Week 2019 -

3. If you need an image, you can use our Conservation Week banner (170K).

After your event goes live on Eventfinda, it will also be listed on our Conservation Week events page of this website.

Tip: You can add your event under the category Festivals & Lifestyle > Conservation, Environment if it doesn't fit under the other categories.

Guidelines for Conservation Week events

Conservation Week is about getting people out in our special places, and caring for and enjoying our nature.

Show your support by actively promoting Conservation Week at your event. You could do some of the following:

  • Discuss what's special about the location of the event.
  • Give some facts about the local plants and animals.
  • Provide other ideas on how to enjoy the outdoors.
  • Display Conservation Week posters. 
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