Organising a planting day in your local community is a great way to support Conservation Week
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Use our guide to plan an event, list it on DOC's website and Eventfinda, and get the word out using our downloadable posters, graphics and templates.


Conservation Week events published on Eventfinda will automatically be listed on our Conservation Week events page.

Once you’ve listed your event, use our free social media graphics, posters, and media release template to get the word out.

To set up an event for Conservation Week, just follow our step-by-step guide:

Step 1: Choose your event

Running an event in your community is a brilliant way to support Conservation Week. This year we’re looking at nature through new eyes, which we hope can inspire your event planning.

Popular types of Conservation Week events you might want to organise include:

  • public lectures or talks
  • guided walks
  • photography workshops
  • stream or water restoration
  • planting days
  • beach clean-ups and
  • trap building workshops.

Once you’ve chosen the type of event you’d like to run, you can prepare for the day. To make your event engaging and help raise conservation awareness, you can prepare to:

  • discuss what's special about the location of the event,
  • give some facts about the local plants and animals living in around the area,
  • offer ideas to your attendees on how to enjoy the outdoors.

Step 2: List your event on Eventfinda

If you list your event on Eventfinda, the DOC website will feature it automatically on our Conservation Week events page. It’s free to join and list your event.

1. Make or login to your Eventfinda account and list your event.

2. When you create your Conservation Week event, copy and paste the following phrase into the description:

This event is part of Conservation Week 2021 -

3. If you need an image, you can use our Conservation Week banner (497K).

Once your event goes live on Eventfinda, you’ll see it on the Conservation Week events page.

Tip: You can add your event under the category Festivals & Lifestyle > Conservation, Environment if it doesn't fit under the other categories.

Step 3: Get the word out using our assets kit

Note: These are for Conservation Week 2020. Resources for 2021 are being developed.

We have lots of assets available to help you promote your involvement with Conservation Week. You’re welcome to use any of the below to help you get the word out about your event:

Tell local newspapers using our release template

Our Conservation Week press release template is available to help you tell your community about your event.

Download the template below, then add your details and adapt the messages in the template to suit your event. Then email your release to your local journalists and press outlets.

Download our press release template (Word, 922K)

Social media templates

We have graphics available for Facebook event pages, Twitter accounts and other content.

You can download a banner or our word mark to use on your own images to show you’re supporting Conservation Week.

Be sure to use the Conservation Week hashtag where appropriate too: #ConservationWeek

Print out posters or use our poster template

We have four posters available this year, each featuring a native species from the four sectors of nature: flora, fauna, freshwater, and marine. These are kawakawa, gecko, whio and paua.

The posters are available as either a finished image or as a customisable word template to promote your event.

To add your own event details, image and logo, download one of our customisable versions.

If you don’t need an event poster, download, print and distribute our finished version however you like. We just ask that you do not make any edits.

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