Conservation Week 2021
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Conservation Week is an opportunity for you to take part and show your support for nature.

Let the world know how you are taking a moment for nature this Conservation Week.

You can support the kaupapa by sharing content on your social media or website, hosting an event for your community or by spreading the word to your networks.

Keep an eye on this space as it will continue to be updated.


Help others to notice nature by using Conservation Week resources on your channels. Find resources for:

We have developed a range of messages for different audiences. You can choose from these to tailor your moment for nature.

Social Media

Promote Conservation Week on social media by using the images below. 

  • Use hashtag #ConservationWeek.
  • Tag us using @docgovtnz in your content.
  • Encourage your followers to take a moment for nature in ways that suit them.

Download Instagram and Facebook story tiles from our Dropbox.

3 colourful tiles with people looking happy as they plant trees
Preview of some of the social media tiles

Phone and digital meeting wallpapers

Add a new wallpaper to your phone lock screen or background to your next online meeting to celebrate Conservation Week. There are 10 stunning images to choose from.

Photos were taken by Crystal Brindle.

Download phone wallpapers from our Dropbox.

Download meeting wallpapers from our Dropbox.

Four images of natural scenes with text saying take a moment for nature this conservation week.
Preview of some of the phone wallpapers


We have created a guide to help you plan your own Conservation Week event

Once you've planned your event, use our Eventfinda Conservation Week banner to let people know your event is part of the festivities.

Download Eventfinda banner from our Dropbox.

Printable posters

We have a wide range of posters that you can print to spread awareness of Conservation Week.

Posters A3 (PDF, 25,288K)

We have two customisable poster options where you can add your own event details and image.

Regional events notice A3 (Word, 1,276K)
Regional events photo A3 (Word, 19,000K)

Newspaper advertisement

Promote Conservation Week in your local paper using a standard-size newspaper banner.

Newspaper ad banner (PDF 6,810K)


Remind your workplace to take a moment for their wellbeing by using our screensavers.

Download screensavers from our Dropbox.

2 brightly orange coloured backgrounds suitable for widescreen monitors.
Preview of some of the screensavers

Email signatures

Let your network know you’re in support of Conservation Week by using one of the images below in your email signature.

Download email signatures from our Dropbox.

1 very wide colourful images for use in email banners.
Preview of some of the email banners


Download website banner from our Dropbox.

All assets

Download all Conservation Week assets from our Dropbox.


Let us know how you would like to be involved in Conservation Week.


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