Our friends Tina Tuna, Benji Bad Boy Bat, Kimi Kōkakō, Koro Kauri, Moana Māui and Wiremu Wētā have been on their phones calling for help.

Native taonga in crisis, you might have heard them on the radio, or seen them out and about.

Watch their videos below, listen to their stories, learn more about our native species in crisis, and how you can help.

Benji Bad Boy Bat

Benji Bad Boy Bat is a short tailed bat who only lives in New Zealand. He is in a baaaad situation. 

More about bats and how you can help.

Kimi Kōkako

Kimi Kōkakō is in a flap – our beautiful kōkakō songbird needs our help.

More about kōkakō and how you can help.

Koro Kauri

Koro Kauri calling – kauri dieback is killing us.

More about kauri and how you can help.

Moana Māui

Moana and her boy Tama are native Māui dolphin – there are less than 100 left in the wild.

More about Māui dolphin and how you can help.

Tina Tuna

Tina the Tuna is a longfin eel/tuna who only lays eggs once in her life – she needs us.

More about tuna and how you can help.

Wiremu Wētā

Wiremu Wētā is a Mahoenui giant wētā – he is in trouble.

More about wētā and how you can help.

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