Take part in the Digital Treasure Hunt this Conservation Week.
Image: Laura Honey | DOC


The competition is now closed and we have announced the winners. Take a moment to discover nature virtually this Conservation Week with our Digital Treasure Hunt.

The Digital Treasure Hunt Competition is now closed. Find the answers to the 10 hidden questions below.

Announcing the winners

Thank you for taking a moment to discover nature virtually this Conservation Week. We hope you had fun, discovered new web pages and learnt some fun facts along the way.

Congratulations to the following winners:

  • Discover prize – won by Michelle Isbister.
  • Refresh prize – won by Megan Hinge.
  • Notice prize – won by Glenn.
  • Three spot prize packs –  won by Amy McKenzie, Manon Mouquet and Laura Westerdaal. 

The winners have been contacted at the email address they provided when entering the competition.


We had some awesome prizes to be won. Each prize pack winner was drawn at random by a DOC representative from all valid entries we received. The more questions you answered, the higher the chances were of being drawn.

Discover prize

  • $300 Merrell voucher
  • 2 x DOC Great Walk tickets – see the Great Walk section of the terms and conditions.
  • 2 x survival bags
  • Soft toy – Kiwi Ranger

Refresh prize

  • $300 Merrell voucher
  • 2 x DOC annual Backcountry Hut Passes
  • 2 x survival bags
  • Soft toy – Kiwi Ranger

Notice prize

  • $100 voucher for the Predator Free shop
  • 2 x DOC annual Campsite Passes
  • North and South Island DOC campsite brochures
  • Soft toy – Kiwi Ranger

Spot prize pack x 3

  • Soft toy – Kiwi Ranger 
  • Pocket survival bag
  • Trivia cards
  • Trivia snap cards 

How it worked

We have hundreds of pages on the nature section of our website about the unique animals, plants and habitats of New Zealand. To encourage you to discover nature digitally we hid a unique question on ten of them.

To enter the competition you needed to find and then correctly answer one of these questions – the answer could be found on the web page. You could have entered up to 10 times – once for each question. 

Read the full terms and conditions.

The answers

Did you find and answer all 10 of the questions?

  • Whio/blue duck
    • Question: What is the greatest danger to whio?
    • Answer: Stoats.

  • Learn about geckos
    • Question: Can geckos blink?
    • Answer: No.

  • Wetlands
    • Question: What do wetlands return to the atmosphere?
    • Answer: Nitrogen.

  • Top tips for beginner pest control groups
    • Question: What’s the first thing to do when starting pest control?
    • Answer: Monitor.

  • Kauri
    • Question: Name three native trees that make their home in kauri forests.
    • Answer: Toatoa, kohekohe and rātā.

  • What to do if you find a seal
    • Question: How far away should you stay from a seal? 
    • Answer: 20 m.

  • Sea turtles
    • Question: How long are Loggerhead turtles estimated to live?
    • Answer: 47–67 years.

  • Myrtle rust
    • Question: How can you report myrtle rust if you think you’ve found it?
    • Answer: By using iNaturalist.

  • Birdsong and calls
    • Question: What habitat can you hear in the background of the blue duck/whio song?
    • Answer: River.

  • Short-tailed bat
    • Question: What do short-tailed bats use their front wings for on the forest floor?
    • Answer: Front limbs.

Terms and conditions

Read the full terms and conditions for the 2021 Conservation Week Digital Treasure Hunt competition.  

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