Matiu/Somes Island volunteer application form: Wellington/Kapiti volunteering


Fill in this form to apply for a volunteer activity on Matiu/Somes Island.

DOC undertakes to collect, use and store information provided on this form according to the principles of the Privacy Act 1993.

Volunteer activity

Activity I'm applying for

Contact details

Personal details


Emergency contact

For international volunteers, add a New Zealand contact if available:

Medical conditions

For my own health and safety, the following pre-existing medical conditions, allergies or past injuries and special dietary needs are for DOC to note.


Volunteer activities span a range of fitness levels. Some activities may be specific in their requirements (as outlined in the task description).
The following is a general guide to help you indicate your preferred level of activity:
Fitness guide
Low - I can easily walk up to 2 hours over flat ground
Medium - I can comfortably walk with 5kg pack up to 4 hours over uneven ground
High - I am capable of walking with10kg pack up to 6 hours over uneven ground
Very high - I am experienced at walking consecutive days with 10+kg pack over steep, rough terrain


Current licences/certificates held by me relevant to the volunteering activity I am applying for:

Main reason(s) for wanting to volunteer


Relevant skills and experience

Skills and experience I offer

My previous conservation volunteering experience

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