Learn about the WARO land assessment process and view draft land access recommendations.

March 2022 third and final consultation

March 2022 third and final consultation information.

November 2018 further consultation

Information sheet on further consultation (PDF, 589K)

Overview and analysis of general submission comments received during the June/July 2018 WARO stakeholder consultation: Summary of submissions 2018 (PDF, 224K)

View WARO submissions received, round two, February 2019

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November 2018 maps showing draft recommended WARO access:

WARO 2018 map overview (PDF, 1,130K)

The WARO land assessment process

The focus of the land assessment for the 2018 national WARO concession is on:

  • new areas of public conservation land that have not previously been assessed for WARO access
  • land that has had a change in land status or is covered by new or revised management planning documents
  • land previously assessed for the 2015 WARO concession where issues have come up that may mean a change in WARO access is needed for the 2018 concession.

June/July 2018 consultation

The focus of the June external stakeholder consultation is on:

  • the draft recommendations on WARO land access, including recommended access dates (timings). For the current current North Island (PDF, 1,015K) and South Island (PDF, 846K)  concessions, access dates can be found in Schedules 4 and 5 of the permits. These dates are open for comment. Written comment needs to be with the department by 5 pm 16 July 2018 (extended from 30 June 2018). People who have sent in submissions previously are welcome to resubmit.

External feedback received on other aspects of the WARO concession, apart from the land and access dates, will be noted but are not the focus of this engagement as they are more a matter for DOC and WARO concessionaires.

View WARO submissions received, round one, July 2018

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June/July draft WARO land access recommendations

North Island
South Island

WARO maps

Index map WARO (PDF, 997K)


For more information on the draft regional land assessment recommendations, email

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