To lay pesticides or traps on public conservation land you must have permission from DOC.

This document explains what you will be required to do: Applying for permission to use pesticides or traps on public conservation land (PDF, 312K).

Apply for permission

Start by contacting the local DOC office to discuss your proposed operation. Early contact is important as it allows the local office to inform you of any restrictions or compulsory conditions that may apply to your proposed operation.

The person assisting you will provide you with an application form to use pesticides (PDF, 308K) and the performance standards sheets for the pesticides that you are proposing to use.

The application form to use pesticides with assessment of environmental effects (AEE) example (PDF, 261K) shows what sort of information is required.

Email the forms along with the relevant documents requested to

If your application is approved

If your application is approved you will be issued with a permission letter.

The conditions of your permission will include:

Other documents

Other technical documents relating to pest control operations (including warning sign templates) can be found in managing animal pests.

Possum hunters wanting to apply to use cyanide paste or traps can follow the process explained in hunting permits.

Contact us

For more information or assistance with your application contact the nearest of these DOC offices.

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