Contact information for queries about concessions and other permits.

If you have a query relating to a concession or permit, the offices below specialise in the following topics.

If you have a query relating to a permit or concession not listed below, contact your nearest office.


Contact our Hamilton Concessions Team +64 27 200 9648 for any queries relating to:

  • agriculture, beehive, vehicle, ski field, structures, grazing and other commercial concessions. 

Contact our Hamilton Wildlife Act Research and Collection Team +64 27 306 5160 for any queries relating to:

  • Wildlife Act, research and collection, and research in marine reserve authorisations.

Contact details:

Permissions Team
Private Bag 3072
Hamilton 3240


Contact our Christchurch office for:

  • retail, ski field, access/easements, Wild Animal Recovery Operations (WARO) and helihunting concessions
  • Sounds Foreshore authorisations and all permits relating to marine mammals.

Contact details:

Permissions Advisor (Support)
Private Bag 4715
Christchurch Mail Centre
Christchurch 8140
Ph +64 3 371 3700


Contact our Hokitika office for:

  • events, vehicle, boating, access/easements, grazing and extraction of materials concessions
  • mining and access arrangements.

Contact details:

Permissions Advisor (Support)
Private Bag 701
Hokitika 7842
Ph +44 27 541 3794


Contact our Dunedin office for:

  • aircraft (other than helihunting and WARO), boating, ski field, access/easement and grazing concessions.
  • any questions about billing or activity fees for your existing permission. 

Contact details:

Permissions Advisor (Support)
PO Box 5244
Dunedin 9058
Ph +64 3 477 0677

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