Community whitebait habitat restoration, Cobden Aromahana Sanctuary
Image: Hank Stengs | DOC


This community resource will help you explore and learn more about our many estuaries.


It includes a wealth of information to help us make a difference to these special places, such as interactive maps that show where monitoring and restoration work is happening around New Zealand and a teachers’ resource.

    Getting started

    Here are some ideas for using Our Estuaries hub.

    • If you want to find a walk near an estuary, see the experiencing estuaries map.
    • If you'd like to contribute your local knowledge about an estuary, find a group to connect with on the restoring estuaries map.
    • See the featured projects page for ways to record things you see in an estuary and join a community of online enthusiasts.
    • Find out how healthy your local estuary is with the LAWA website or the monitoring estuaries map.
    • If you’d like to get your hands dirty with some native planting or monitor pests near an estuary, link up with others via the restoring estuaries map.
    • For bird lists or teacher resources see the experiencing estuaries map.
    • Share your knowledge with other groups via the restoring estuaries map.
    • Tell the world about your estuary care group or project via social media using #OurEstuaries.


    Social media

    Feeling inspired by one of #OurEstuaries? Share your photos on social media and you may have your experiences featured on our estuaries on social media page.


    We welcome your suggestions on how to make Our estuaries hub even better.

    Find out more  

    Our Find out more page contains links to other resources including:

    • identification guides for species commonly found in estuaries, iwi hapū and whānau resources, and
    • information to get started on monitoring or restoring an estuary.
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