No project in your area? Want to learn what you can do from home? Want to find some useful and fun resources?

Find more information on how you can monitor, restore and experience estuaries.

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  • Nature Space –  a wealth of resources to support community restoration efforts.

Monitoring and restoring estuaries

These resources will help you plan monitoring and restoration in your own special places.

Experiencing estuaries 

For iwi, hapū and whanau

These resources are specifically intended for iwi, hapū and whanau.


  • Monitoring estuaries map – information on the health of over 150 estuaries is being collected. Find links to agency and community projects.
  • Restoring estuaries map – find where estuary and catchment care groups are working to restore estuaries. Join in with the work in your region.
  • Experiencing estuaries interactive map – find places you can experience and learn about estuaries through activities such as birdwatching, exploring mudflats and walks and watching educational films.


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