February 2002
This plan guides the Department of Conservation in managing Egmont National Park.

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Management Plan Cover (PDF, 64K)

Publishing Page (PDF, 284K)

Foreword and Vision (PDF, 101K)

Contents (PDF, 35K)

1. Introduction (PDF, 366K)

2. Management Philosophy (PDF, 124K)

3. Management Objectives and Policies (PDF, 431K)

Glossary and References (PDF, 61K)

Appendices (PDF, 87K)

  • Appendix 1. The Principles of the Treaty of Waitangi
  • Appendix 2. Criteria for assessing the significance of an historic place
  • Appendix 3. Egmont National Park bylaws
  • Appendix 4. Egmont National Park tracks and huts - site priority scores and visitor groups
  • Appendix 5. General Policy for National Parks
  • Appendix 6. Formal names of species, as used in text
  • Appendix 7. Minerals programmes
  • Appendix 8. Mount Egmont Vesting Act 1978


This Egmont National Park Management Plan is a statutory document which implements the Wanganui Conservancy Conservation Management Strategy (CMS) and establishes objectives for the integrated management of the natural, historic, cultural and recreational values of Egmont National Park.


Egmont National Park Management Plan 2002/2012

The Egmont National Park Management Plan review was approved by the New Zealand Conservation Authority in February 2002. The plan was prepared after extensive early consultation with the Taranaki community, including iwi, user and interest groups and local authorities.

In response to notification of the draft review, 77 submissions were received from a wide cross section of the Taranaki community which were taken into account in the preparation of the plan.

It's now 100 years since Egmont National Park was created, so preparation of the plan to coincide with the parks centennial celebrations was timely. Considerable work has gone into protection of the park since its inception and it is hoped that the reviewed and innovative plan will provide sound management direction for the park for the next ten years and beyond.  

This plan was approved by the New Zealand Conservation Authority, February 2002.

Kerry Marshall
New Zealand Conservation Authority

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ISBN 0-478-21886-9
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Wanganui Conservancy Management Planning Series 2002/01


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