Bettle on fern, Maud Island.
Image: Sabine Bernert | ©


Our statutory planning documents set out how DOC and our Treaty partners manage our natural and historic heritage.

Your heritage, your say – Tōu Taonga, Tōu Whakaaro 

Statutory planning documents refers to:

  • conservation management strategies
  • national park management plans, and
  • conservation management plans.

Statutory planning documents guide DOC and our Treaty partners’ management of:

  • public conservation lands and waters
  • plants
  • birds
  • wild animals
  • pests
  • marine mammals, and
  • historic and cultural sites.

These strategies and plans can apply for 10 years and more.

These statutory planning documents identify what we intend to manage and why. They include criteria for making decisions about DOC management activities or those requiring authorisation. They may also reflect co-management objectives with our Treaty partners and give effect to Treaty settlements.

Statutory planning documents do not identify how we will achieve those intentions, and usually not when. These are decided during DOC’s annual and multi-year business plan.

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