Kids have fun in the autumn park with yellow autumn leaves


Be part of the global movement, take teaching outside and discover the many benefits of learning in nature this autumn.


Let’s leap into autumn and term two with these opportunities for learning outside.

19 May 2022 is Outdoor Classroom Day

Make learning outside a priority for your ākonga this Outdoor Classroom Day.

Outdoor Classroom Day is an opportunity for educators to make time outside part of every child’s day. Nature connection and spending time in nature have significant health and wellbeing benefits for everyone.

Time in nature can:

  • build resilience against stress and adversity
  • improve concentration, learning, creativity, and cognitive development
  • increase self-esteem and self-discipline
  • foster a love of the natural world
  • increase cooperation and self-awareness.

If we help our young people to connect to the land and biodiversity, they will value and protect te taiao for generations to come.

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Autumn nature connection

The Autumn nature connection slideshow /
Ngahuru he tūhono taiao – Te Reo Māori version provides simple nature connection learning experiences in autumn, centred around wellbeing.

This could be in your school grounds or at a local park. Students observe and interact with te taiao (the environment) and connect with nature through movement, using the senses, focussing, and giving back. 

Other inspiration for Outdoor Classroom Day and beyond

Check out our Learning in Nature activities for inspiration on quick ways to introduce your students to nature – from outdoor art projects, to scavenger hunts, being a nature journalist or getting to know a tree. 

Use the explore your local nature resource series to explore, learn and connect to your local environment – learn more about birds, native trees, invertebrates, plant pests, biodiversity and more.

Teaching outside through the seasons

The restoration through the seasons resource offers some guidance and ideas on what could be a priority for teaching outside throughout the school year.

It’s full of engaging environmental education activities and planning tips.  

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