Send us your tahr hunting returns by filling in this short online form.

We would like to record the efforts of recreational hunters to reduce the tahr population. Your hunting effort and observations can help inform the management of tahr as DOC and the hunting sector work to meet the objectives of the Himalayan Thar Control Plan 1993.

To make it easy to capture this information, we have created a short online form for you to send in your hunting returns. By completing the form your hunting effort and observations can be recognised.

We encourage you to fill out the form below as individuals so we can reward individual effort. This request is a start to collecting information on hunter effort and numbers of tahr shot or seen, DOC is working with the Tahr Liaison Group to better understand how this information can be used to inform the annual tahr control plan process.



Were the tahr shot on public conservation land?

Check the management units map if you are unsure which unit you were hunting in.

View a map showing management units (PDF, 1,100K)


Number of tahr shot:

Fill out this form for each seperate tahr hunt you have been on. It is important that you do not include tahr shot by other members of your hunting party.

Number of tahr seen and not shot:

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