Swingbridge, Mararoa River

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Looking for day walks from the Mavora Lakes camping ground in the Te Anau area? Try the South Mavora Lake Walking Track or the track to the Kiwiburn Hut.

Track overview

Walking and tramping

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About this track


South Mavora Lake Walking Track

Time: 2 hr 30 min

The track starts over the swingbridge near the camping area. It follows the Mararoa River downstream and around the shores of the South Mavora Lake, to the swingbridge at its outlet. An umarked route used by anglers also follows the shores of the North Mavora Lake for about an hour.

Lake Mavora to the Kiwi Burn Hut

Time: 4 hr

This track is suitable for families. There are two entry points to this walk. The first crosses the swingbridge at the outlet of South Mavora Lake and travels down the true right of the Mararoa River for 2 hr 30 min. Here it joins with the other access point, signposted on the Mavora Road, 1.5 km from Hikuraki Station.

The next segment of the track to the Kiwi Burn Hut takes about 1 hr 30 min, following the Mararoa River downstream then branching to the hut. The track then continues past the hut, returning to the swingbridge.  

Getting there

You can access these walking tracks from the Lake Mavora camping ground in the Mavora Lakes Conservation Park.

Access to Mavora Lakes is off of SH94 between Mossburn and Te Anau. There are signposted turn off points at Centre Hill or Burwood Station. Then follow gravel roads for 39 km.

There are no regular transport services to the Mavora Lakes in winter.

Know before you go

For routes beyond the Kiwi Burn hut refer to NZTopo50 maps CD09 South Mavora Lake and CC09 North Mavora Lake.


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