Trounson Kauri Walk

Image: Eli Duke | Creative Commons


Walk through a spectacular stand of kauri and experience the unique character of this ancient forest by day or night.

Track overview

1.6 km loop

Walking and tramping

40 min Easiest: Easy access short walk

Dog access

No dogs
  • Stop kauri dieback and protect kauri
    • Kauri dieback disease is spread through soil.
    • Scrub soil off shoes and gear and check it's all removed before you go.
    • Use a hygiene station when you enter and leave.
    • Always stay on the track.

    How you can help save kauri

About this track


An easy 40-minute loop track leads you through a spectacular stand of kauri.

Getting there

Trounson Kauri Park is 38 km north of the township of Dargaville.

The park is accessible via Trounson Park Road from the south off State Highway 12 or from the north via Katui Road, which links to Trounson Park Road at Donnellys Crossing.

There are two entry points to Trounson Kauri Park; the Trounson Kauri Park day car park and the Trounson Kauri Park campground.

Nature and conservation

The track offers an opportunity to experience the unique character of this ancient forest.

You can learn more about the kauri forest at an interpretation tent, and trees/plants are named along the walk

Kūkupa (New Zealand pigeon) are abundant and you are likely to hear and see them. North Island brown kiwi, fantails, pied tits and other forest birds are also resident with reintroduction of other birds planned for the future..

Kauri, taraire, kauri grass, kiekie, neinei and ferns dominate the vegetation.

Fallen kauri and the resulting light wells, clear streams and filmy ferns are among the interesting features of Trounson.

Kauri roots are extremely sensitive to trampling.

Stay on the track at all times to ensure no damage is done to these magnificent trees, and to help prevent the spread of kauri dieback disease.

Know before you go

  • Stay on the track at all times.
  • Dogs and hunting are not allowed in Trounson Kauri Park.
  • Nearest petrol station is 9 km south at Kaihu, and 37 km north at Waimamaku.
  • In strong winds, beware of falling branches.


Te Tai Kauri / Kauri Coast Office
Phone:   +64 9 439 3450
Fax:   +64 4 471 1117
Address:   150 Colville Road
Postal Address:   150 Colville Road
Dargaville 0377
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