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Enjoy a glimpse of what pristine kauri forests were once like
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DOC's first mainland island in Northland, Trounson Kauri Park is a 586-hectare reserve featuring an impressive stand of kauri trees.

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  • Camping
  • Walking and tramping
  • Kauri dieback
    Help stop kauri dieback

    Kauri dieback disease is killing our native kauri. It spreads by soil movement, but you can help prevent it.

    • Stay away from kauri tree roots.
    • Clean your gear before and after visiting kauri forest.

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    About this place

    Nature and conservation

    Trounson Kauri Park is a mainland island. The restoration project includes a 586-hectare forest reserve and farmland. The project aims to restore the former richness of native biodiversity this forest once boasted, and to let visitors enjoy a glimpse of what pristine kauri forests were once like.

    More about Trounson Kauri Park Mainland Island project.

    History and culture

    Most of the forest was gifted to the Crown by James Trounson, an early settler, and officially opened in 1921.

    Getting there

    Trounson Kauri Park is located in western Northland, 40 km north of Dargaville.


    Te Tai Kauri / Kauri Coast Office
    Phone:   +64 9 439 3450
    Address:   150 Colville Road
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