See the conditions of the Molesworth activity permit here.

These are the conditions of the Molesworth activity permit. You must agree to them before you submit the activity permit application form.

  • No guaranteed right of access is implied with this application as a result of farm management operations, cattle movements or in the interest of public safety.
  • All applications for camping outside of the recognised camping sites at Molesworth Cob Cottage, Acheron Accommodation House, Lake Tennyson and Sedgemere are to be included with this permit application.
  • This permit does not entitle the holder to hunt game or wild animals without the appropriate permits and licences.
  • Freshwater fishing requires a licence from Fish and Game NZ.
  • This permit may be cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances including extreme weather, fire risk and road conditions.
  • Your permit must be carried while in the Molesworth Recreation Reserve.
  • Fires are prohibited in the reserve (except for facilities provided in huts).

Horse trekking conditions

  • Horses must be tethered away from buildings, use horse paddocks where provided or hot tape.
  • Dry feed must not contain seeds likely to cause spread of weed species.
  • Horses must be tethered near the pump station if staying at Cob Cottage campground – alternative camping is also available at in the Saxton Pass.
  • Horse paddocks are not to be used at Lake McRae and Elliot Bivvy.
  • Use hot tape to contain horses at Severn and Sedgemere Huts.


The applicant shall indemnify the Department of Conservation and Landcorp Farming against all claims by any person in respect of injury, loss or damage (including fire damage) caused by or arising out of any act of omission of the Applicants, its servants, agents, contractors, clients or invitees, or otherwise caused as a consequence of its use of the reserve or as a result of the conduct of the permit holder.

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