Apply for a Molesworth Recreation Reserve activity permit.


This is an application only. Your permit is not approved until you receive notification and a copy of the permit.  Allow a minimum of 10 working days to process your application.

You must read and agree to the activity permit conditions before submitting the form.

Driving permits for the Acheron Road will generally not be issued during Acheron Road closure period except in exceptional circumstances.

Road access activity permits may be granted during the autumn and spring months for horse trekking, mountain biking and organised events.

Possum control in Molesworth Recreation Reserve

No Molesworth Activity permits will be issued for recreational activities from 12 May to 3 August 2021. Horse trekking permits will not be issued until January 2022.

OSPRI has an aerial 1080 possum control operation planned for Molesworth Recreation Reserve between May and November 2021. This is to control bovine tuberculosis.

This work is part of an ongoing operation through all of the Molesworth Recreational Reserve and Clarence Reserve.

Contact OSPRI for more information.

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Molesworth activity permit application form

You do not need an activity permit if you're wanting to drive a vehicle on Acheron Road:

  • without a trailer, and
  • during the open season.

Open season for Acheron Road is 7 am to 7 pm, 24 October 2020 to 11 April 2021.

The open season starts Saturday Labour Weekend to Easter Monday or the second Sunday in April. Whichever is the later date.

Trip details

Direction of travel
I am taking a vehicle
I am taking a trailer
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Activity details

Activities that you or your party members will be doing

Hut passes are required to use huts. These huts are not bookable and are offered on a first come basis. Providing this information gives DOC an indication of demand for these assets.

Intended hut use

Applicant (party leader)

Submit your application

Your permit is not approved until you receive notification and a copy of the permit from the Wairau/Renwick Office.

Enter your name below to confirm you have read the conditions of permit, and that all your party will abide by the conditions.

We will notify you by email. 

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