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New Zealand Threat Classification Series

Latest publication: February 2022

37. Conservation status of parasitic mites and ticks (Acari) in New Zealand, 2021
By: Allen Heath, Jeremy Rolfe, Pascale Michel
New Zealand Threat Classification Series 37. Department of Conservation, Wellington. 23 p. (PDF, 2103K)

36. Conservation status of birds in Aotearoa New Zealand, 2021
By: Hugh A. Robertson, Karen A. Baird, Graeme P. Elliott, Rodney A. Hitchmough, Nikki J. McArthur, Troy Makan, Colin M. Miskelly, Colin. J. O’Donnell, Paul M. Sagar, R. Paul Scofield, Graeme A. Taylor and Pascale Michel

New Zealand Threat Classification Series 36. Department of Conservation, Wellington. 43 p. (PDF, 824K)

35. Conservation status of New Zealand reptiles, 2021
By: Rod Hitchmough, Ben Barr, Carey Knox, Marieke Lettink, Joanne M. Monks, Geoff B. Patterson, James T. Reardon, Dylan van Winkel, Jeremy Rolfe and Pascale Michel
New Zealand Threat Classification Series 35. Department of Conservation, Wellington. 15 p. (PDF, 3,224K)

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Science for Conservation Series

Latest publication: December 2019

336: A survey of environmental and pest management attitudes on inhabited Hauraki Gulf islands
By: Joanne P. Aley and James C. Russell. Science for Conservation 336. 47 p. (PDF, 6,889K)

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DOC Research & Development Series

Latest publication: 2021

365. Potential factors affecting the calling rates and detectability of crake and rail species: a review
By: Emma M. Williams
DOC Research and Development Series 365, 2021. 17 p. (16,314K)

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DOC Technical Series

Latest publication: March 2015 

38. Protocols for the inventory and monitoring of populations of the endangered Australasian bittern (Botaurus poiciloptilus) in New Zealand. C. O’Donnell and E. Williams 2015. DOC Technical Series 38. 40 p. (PDF, 4,143K)

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Threatened Species Recovery Plans

Latest publication: December 2018

64. Kiwi (Apteryx spp.) recovery plan 2018–2028. J. Germano, S. Barlow, I. Castro, R. Colbourne, M. Cox, C. Gillies, K. Hackwell, J. Harawira, M. Impey, A. Reuben, H. Robertson, J. Scrimgeour, W. Sporle, S. Yong. Threatened Species Recovery Plan 64. 64 p. (PDF, 1,377K)

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Heritage Assessment Series

Latest publication: December 2018

4. Otago Central Rail Trail: heritage assessment. Paul Mahoney. Heritage Assessment Series 4. 38p. (PDF, 2,577K)

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