Threatened Species Recovery Plans are statements of DOC’s intentions for the conservation of particular plants or animals for a defined period.

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By focusing on goals and objectives for management, recovery plans us in the allocation of resources, and to promote discussion amongst practitioners and a wider section of the interested public.

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The following Threatened Species Recovery Plans have been approved and are in use, but have not been formally published:

  • Atriplex hollowayi (Holloway’s crystalwort)
  • Helichrysum dimorphum
  • Hutton’s shearwater/titi
  • Kaki/black stilt
  • Loranthaceous mistletoes
  • Mohua/yellowhead
  • Orange-fronted kakariki
  • Short-horned grasshopper
  • Snipe/tutukiwi (NZ and Chatham Islands)

64. Kiwi (Apteryx spp.) recovery plan 2018–2028. J. Germano, S. Barlow, I. Castro, R. Colbourne, M. Cox, C. Gillies, K. Hackwell, J. Harawira, M. Impey, A. Reuben, H. Robertson, J. Scrimgeour, W. Sporle, S. Yong. Threatened Species Recovery Plan 64. 64 p. (PDF 1,377K)

63. Native frog (Leiopelma spp.) recovery plan, 2013-2018. P.J. Bishop, L.A. Daglish, A.J.M. Haigh, L.J. Marshall, M.D. Tocher, K.L. McKenzie 2014. Threatened Species Recovery Plan 63. 39 p. (PDF, 873K

62. Whio/blue duck (Hymenolaimus malacorhynchos) recovery plan: 2009–2019.
A. Glaser, P. van Klink, G. Elliott and K. Edge 2010. Threatened Species Recovery Plan 62. 39 p. (PDF, 623K)
Without cover (PDF, 493K)

61. Takahe (Porphyrio hochstetteri) recovery plan. 
C. Wickes; D. Crouchley; J. Maxwell Threatened Species Recovery Plan 61. 56 p. (PDF, 1244K)

60. Kiwi (Apteryx spp.) recovery plan, 2008–2018. S. Holzapfel; H.A. Robertson; J.A. McLennan; W.Sporle; K. Hackwell; M. Impey Threatened Species Recovery Plan 60. 73 p. (PDF, 686K)

59. Pateke (Anas chlorotis) recovery plan, 2005–10. S.M. O’Connor; R.F. Maloney; R.J. Pierce 2007. Threatened Species Recovery Plan 59. 33 p. (PDF, 243K

58. New Zealand dotterel (Charadrius obscurus) recovery plan, 2004–14. J.E. Dowding; A.M. Davis 2007. Threatened Species Recovery Plan 58. 28 p. (PDF, 215K)   

57. New Zealand fairy tern (Sterna nereis davisae) recovery plan, 2005–15. K. Hansen 2006. Threatened species recovery plan 57. 32 p. (PDF, 259K)

56. Dactylanthus taylorii recovery plan 2004–2014. 2005. Threatened Species Recovery Plan 56. 30 p. (PDF, 151K)

55. New Zealand large galaxiid recovery plan, 2003-13: shortjaw kokopu, giant kokopu, banded kokopu, and koaro. 2004. Threatened Species Recovery Plan 55. 45 p.

Part 1: (PDF, 361K
Part 2: (PDF, 517K)

54. Hihi/stitchbird (Notiomystis cincta) recovery plan 2004–09. 2005. Threatened Species Recovery Plan 54. 31 p. (PDF, 252K)

53. New Zealand non-migratory galaxiid fishes recovery plan. 2004. Threatened Species Recovery Plan 53. 45 p. (PDF, 282K)

52. Recovery plan for threatened grassy plants of dry fertile sites, 2003–2013. C. Jones 2004. Threatened Species Recovery Plan 52. 28 p. (PDF, 717K)

51. New Zealand mudfish (Neochanna spp.) recovery plan (Northland, black, brown, Canterbury and Chatham mudfish). 2003. Threatened Species Recovery Plan 51. 25 p. (PDF, 606K)

50. Kiwi (Apteryx spp.) recovery plan 1996–2006. H.A. Robertson 2003. Threatened Species Recovery Plan 50. 26 p. (PDF, 167K)

49. Recovery plans for Powelliphanta land snails 2003–2013. K. Walker 2003. Threatened Species Recovery Plan 49. 208 p. + 64 plates. (PDF, 949K)

48. North Island Oligosoma spp. skink recovery plan 2002–2012. D.R. Towns; K. Neilson; A.H. Whitaker 2002. Threatened Species Recovery Plan 48. 60 p. (PDF, 1 019K) 

47. Tuatara Recovery Plan. P. Gaze 2001. Threatened Species Recovery Plan 47. 36 p. (PDF, 632K)

36 - 46. Chatham Islands threatened birds: recovery and management plans. H. Aikman; A. Davis; C.M. Miskelly; S. O'Connor; G.A. Taylor 2001. Threatened Species Recovery Plan 36 - 46. 277 p. Contains:

Introduction: (PDF, 149K)
36. Chatham Island taiko recovery plan: (PDF, 135K)
37. Chatham petrel: (PDF, 157K
38. Chatham Island oystercatcher: (PDF, 163K)
39. Parea: (PDF, 175K
40. Black robin: (PDF, 132K)
41. Chatham Island tui: (PDF, 134K
42. Albatrosses in the Chatham Islands: (PDF, 191K)
43. Chatham Island shag and Pitt Island shag: (PDF, 144K
44. New Zealand shore plover: (PDF, 166K)  
45. Forbes' parakeet and Chatham Island red-crowned parakeet: (PDF, 187K
46. Chatham Island fantail, Chatham Island tomtit and Chatham Island warbler: (PDF, 138K

35. Hoiho (Megadyptes antipodes) recovery plan 2000-2005. B. McKinlay. 2001. Threatened Species Recovery Plan 35. 26 p. (PDF, 343K)

34. Protection and recovery of the pygmy button daisy 2001-2011. Threatened Species Recovery Plan 34. 36 p. (PDF, 1 227K) 

33. Hebe cupressoides recovery plan. 2000-2010. D.A. Norton. 2000. Threatened Species Recovery Plan 33. 20 p. (PDF, 304K)

32. Inland Lepidium recovery plan. 2000-2010. R.B. Allen. 2000. Threatened Species Recovery Plan 32. 25 p. (Out of Print.) (PDF, 137K)

31. Shrubby tororaro (Muehlenbeckia astonii Petrie) recovery plan 2000-2010. P. de Lange; C. Jones. 2000. Threatened Species Recovery Plan 31. 24 p. (Out of print) (PDF, 352K)

30. North Island kokako recovery plan. J. Innes; I. Flux 1999. Threatened Species Recovery Plan 30. 32 p. (PDF, 2 196K) 

29. Weka (Gallirallus australis) recovery plan, 1999-2009. A.J. Beauchamp; D.J. Butler; D. King 1999. Threatened Species Recovery Plan 29. 94 p. (Out of print.) (PDF, 752K)

28. Pittosporum patulum recovery plan, 1999-2009. A.J. Townsend 1999. Threatened Species Recovery Plan 28. 12 p. (Out of Print.) (PDF, 599K)

27. Cyclodina spp. skink recovery plan. D.R. Towns 1999. Threatened Species Recovery Plan 27. 69 p. (PDF, 1 405K) 

26. Coastal Cresses (Nau) Recovery Plan. D.A. Norton; P.J. de Lange 1999. Threatened Species Recovery Plan 26. 71 p. (PDF, 992K)

25. Threatened weta recovery plan. G.H. Sherley 1998. Threatened Species Recovery Plan 25. 46 p. (Out of print.) (PDF, 638K)

24. Striped skink Oligosoma striatum recovery plan 1998-2003. A.H. Whitaker 1998. Threatened Species Recovery Plan 24. 43 p. (Out of print.)

Part 1: (PDF, 129K
Part 2: (PDF, 303K)

23. New Zealand fairy tern (Tara-iti) Sterna nereis davisae recovery plan 1997 – 2002. R. Parrish; L. Honnor 1997. Threatened Species Recovery Plan 23. 33 p. (Out of print.)

Part 1: (PDF, 350K
Part 2: (PDF, 126K)

22. Blue duck (Whio) Hymenolaimus malacorhynchos recovery plan 1997 – 2007. J. Adams; D. Cunningham; J. Molloy; S. Phillipson 1997. Threatened Species Recovery Plan 22. 33 p. (Out of print.) (PDF, 312K)

21. Kakapo recovery plan 1996-2005. M. Cresswell 1996. Threatened Species Recovery Plan 21. 20 p.

Part 1: (PDF, 340K
Part 2: (PDF, 235K)

20. Stitchbird (Hihi) Notiomystis cincta recovery plan. G. Rasch; S. Boyd; S. Clegg 1996. Threatened Species Recovery Plan 20. 31 p. (Out of Print.) (PDF, 312K)

19. Brown teal (Pateke) Anas chlorotis recovery plan. M. Williams; G. Dumbell 1996. Threatened Species Recovery Plan 19. 39 p. (Out of print) (PDF, 384K)

18. Native frog (Leiopelma ssp.) recovery plan. D.G. Newman 1996. Threatened Species Recovery Plan 18. 29 p. (Out of Print.) (PDF, 328K)

17. Hooker’s sea lion recovery plan (Phocarctos hookeri). N. Gales 1995. Threatened Species Recovery Plan 17. 28 p. (Out of print.) (PDF, 284K)

16. Dactylanthus taylorii recovery plan. C.E. Ecroyd 1995. Threatened Species Recovery Plan 16. 27 p. (Out of print.) (PDF, 575K)

15. Bat (Peka Peka) recovery plan (MystacinaChalinolobus). J. Molloy; M. Daniel; C. O’Donnell; B. Lloyd; A. Roberts 1995. Threatened Species Recovery Plan 15. 25 p. (Out of Print.) (PDF, 367K)

14. Otago skink and grand skink recovery plan (Leiolopisma otagense and L. grande). A.H Whitaker; G. Loh 1995. Threatened Species Recovery Plan 14. 40 p. (Out of print.) (PDF, 236K)

13. Giant land snail recovery plan (Placostylus spp., paryphanta sp.). R. Parrish; G. Sherley; M. Aviss 1995. Threatened Species Recovery Plan 13. 40 p. (Out of print.) (PDF, 393K)

12. Takahe recovery plan (Porphyrio [Notornis] mantelli). D. Crouchley 1994. Threatened Species Recovery Plan 12. 47 p. (Out of Print.) (PDF, 404K)

11. South Island saddleback recovery plan (Philesturnus carunculatus carunculatus). A. Roberts 1994. Threatened Species Recovery Plan 11. 26 p. (Out of print.) (PDF, 208K)

10. New Zealand dotterel recovery plan (Charadrius obscurus). J. Dowding 1993. Threatened Species Recovery Plan 10. 38 p. (Out of print.) (PDF, 319K)

9. Tuatara recovery plan (Sphenodon spp.). A. Cree; D. Butler 1993. Threatened Species Recovery Plan 9. 71 p. (Out of Print.)

Part 1: (PDF, 186K
Part 2: (PDF, 169K
Part 3: (PDF, 290K
Part 4: (PDF, 380K)

8. Kowhai ngutukaka recovery plan (Clianthus puniceus). W.B. Shaw 1993. Threatened Species Recovery Plan 8. 31 p. (Out of print.)

Part 1: (PDF, 311K
Part 2: (PDF, 239K)

7. Subantarctic teal recovery plan (Anas Aucklandica). P. McClelland 1993. Threatened Species Recovery Plan 7. 27 p. (Out of print.) (PDF, 184K)

6. (Mohua) Yellowhead recovery plan (Mohoua ochrocephala). C. O’Donnell 1993. Threatened Species Recovery Plan 6. 24 p. (Out of print.)

Part 1: (PDF, 362K
Part 2: (PDF, 321K)

5. Chevron skink recovery plan (Leiolopisma homalonotum). D. Towns; I. McFadden 1993. Threatened Species Recovery Plan 5. 36 p. (Out of print.)

Part 1: (PDF, 200K
Part 2: (PDF, 258K)

4. Black stilt recovery plan (Himantopus novaezealandiae). C.E.M. Reed; D.P. Murray; D.J. Butler 1993. Threatened Species Recovery Plan 4. 56 p. (Out of print.)

Part 1: (PDF, 307K
Part 2: (PDF, 307K)

3. Recovery plan for Whitaker’s skink and robust skink. D. Towns 1992. Threatened Species Recovery Plan 3. 48 p. (Out of print.)

Part 1: (PDF, 222K
Part 2: (PDF, 300K)

2. Kiwi recovery plan. D. Butler; J. McLennan 1991. Threatened Species Recovery Plan 2. 35 p. (Out of print.)

Part 1: (PDF, 188K
Part 2: (PDF, 203K)

1. Recovery plan for North Island Kokako. G. Rasch (Ed.) 1991. Threatened Species Recovery Plan 1. 43 p. (Out of print.) (PDF, 341K, revised edition 1992)


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