Cows with Mount Taranaki in the background


Livestock are vulnerable to poisoning from 1080. We work with farmers whose properties are adjacent to predator control areas to keep their animals safe.

We take the following steps to help keep livestock safe:

  1. We create buffer zones between operational areas and farming areas to manage the risk of farm animals being exposed to bait pellets.
  2. We ask farmers to check that fence lines are secure.
  3. We ask them to move livestock away from predator control operational areas until the all-clear is given.

Find out more about how we engage with local communities at How we use 1080.

Eradicating bovine tuberculosis (TB) to protect livestock

OSPRI (Operational Solutions for Primary Industries) is responsible for managing bovine tuberculosis. TB is carried by possums. Reducing possum numbers lowers the risk to livestock from the disease. Where possible, we work together on pest control operations to maximise the benefits for natural heritage and livestock health.

Find out more about OSPRI’s efforts to eradicate bovine tuberculosis.

OSPRI TB and pest control

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