Volunteers weeding in Dunedin

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Ongoing: We are looking for adventurous people to register for Dunedin’s War on Weeds.


Part of what makes Dunedin a special place is the unique flora and fauna that is found here. We need your help to protect it and help it flourish. If you're keen to make sure these special places thrive, register your interest for a War on Weeds adventure.

In this section


War on Weeds will be one wild adventure targeting some pretty special locations in Dunedin. If you're keen to keep Dunedin safe from troublesome pest plants, create new native habitat, make some new friends and travel to some amazing places then register your expression of interest!

There are two types of roles available within the War on Weeds team: Crew leader and crew member. 

What you'll be doing


This War on Weeds battle site will focus on the eradication of pesky pines that seem to have a regular supply of new troops. Work days here will be whole day excursions during the week. Get ready for a good workout, as there's plenty of high tussocks to straddle on this mission!

Otago Peninsula

The War on Weeds will be extending to the Otago Peninsula to help native plants fight back. Banana passionfruit and Darwin’s Barberry are two prime suspects that are smothering native habitat and competing with native plants that are trying to re-establish on the Peninsula. Join us at one of our field days to help preserve what makes this wildlife capital the showpiece of Dunedin!

Signal Hill 

The preservation of existing native vegetation and the establishment of new native habitat is a priority for Signal Hill.  This will be a regular battle site in the War on Weeds as we fight the invasion of Darwin’s Barberry, a hardy weed known to establish in shaded areas and compete with regenerating native seedlings.

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