Field trip | Levels: 1-7: Find out about a field trip to Great Barrier, one of New Zealand's largest offshore islands.

Great Barrier Island at a glance

Great Barrier is one of New Zealand's largest offshore islands and over 60 percent of it is public conservation land.

It has diverse habitats, including kauri forest remnants, wetlands and estuaries, freshwater ecosystems, fiord-like inner harbours and exposed coast. It is a haven for many rare and unusual species like brown teal, black petrel, chevron skink, kaka and stag beetles. 

Apart from the schools on Great Barrier Island, the island is not suitable for day visits because of its remote location on the outer edge of the Hauraki Gulf.

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Activity sheets

Encourage your students to discover Aotea with these fun activity sheets. Print them out and bring them along:

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Emergencies or local information:

Aotea / Great Barrier Island Base
Phone:   09 429 0044
Fax:   +64 4 471 1117
Address:   Okiwi Station
1501 Aotea Road
Great Barrier Island 0962
Postal Address:   Private Bag 96002
Great Barrier Island
**Please use NZ Post for all mail / parcels to GBI

To order background information on Great Barrier Island:

To find out about the LEARNZ Great Barrier Island education programme:

PO Box 8577, Christchurch
phone +64 3 353 7360
fax +64 3 366 5488 

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